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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On January 19, 2023

With a Capricorn Moon letting us know in very obvious ways that today may come with hassles and upsets, we may find that this day isn’t working out the way we planned.

And ‘planned’ is the key word here, as the main reason today may be rough is that one plan, in particular, will be totally blown out of the water.

In other words, it’s best if we go with the flow today because there’s a good chance we won’t be getting what we want, and it’s way better to flow with it than to fight against it.

Capricorn Moon brings out the nit-picky overlord in all of us, but mostly in three specific zodiacal signs. What we feel are good intentions can easily turn into power-hungry ambitions, and if we are prevented from achieving our goals on this day, we may end up doing ourselves more harm than good.

What this means is that because we have such a high standard for the day, anything that doesn’t meet that standard will be perceived by us as a failure. Thanks, Capricorn Moon, you’re always such a party pooper!

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The upside of Capricorn Moon is that, while you may not get your results today, you are guaranteed to get results sooner than later, meaning all the work that you do today is not for naught; you will create something magnificent today, but it won’t be recognized in time for you to get your instant gratification. So, if you can handle the slight ego burn that comes with today, you should be fine.

Try not to take it all that seriously, zodiac signs.

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