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Sunday, January 22nd~ It’s Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, and New Moon was Saturday at 3:53 pm ET. This New Moon favors friendship and community and expanding through collaborations and groups. Today, Aquarius Moon aligns with Mars in Gemini, encouraging all of this and leading us to brainstorm and share ideas, stories and animated conversations. The Moon also squares Uranus, potentially encouraging us to think beyond boundaries or limitations and act independently and authentically. Venus and Saturn meet in Aquarius, putting some meaning and commitment into love and romantic life. Form agreements today. Share time with friends. Wear Pink.

Monday~ The Moon meets both Venus and Saturn continuing the mission of their conjunction on Sunday. Notice where more meaningful commitment and presence are needed in relationships, either interpersonally or professionally. From 5:19 am to 12:36 pm, the Moon is void of course and we may need to sit with problems or otherwise exercise patience. Let the morning flow naturally and save decisions and important talks for afternoon. Pisces Moon follows, and it’s a time to acknowledge both your creative and your sensitive sides. Today’s color is Light Green.

Tuesday~ Pisces Moon interacts with Mars, Mercury and Uranus. The latter two planets are in harmony with the Moon and lead to heart centered conversation or action, and also to unique and creative solutions. Mars squares the Moon and brings up points of contention. Leave an unproductive conversation, avoid any gossip, and notice if passive aggression is at play, within yourself or from someone else. Replace it with something productive or through letting a resentment go, if it’s time and there’s readiness for something better. Wear Blue today.

Wednesday ~ The early hours favor reflection, journaling, emotional awareness and dreams as the Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto. Do the inner work and center yourself. Void Moon begins at 11:12 am ET until 1:48 pm ET when Aries Moon shifts us into all systems on mode. The Moon meets Jupiter and harmonizes with the Sun, all of this favoring growth, opening minds to new ideas, and putting heads together for the best outcomes. Listen to each other and be aware of how strengths can be combined. Go with your inspiration, make plans and take actions that broaden the horizon. Wear Red.

Thursday ~ Aries Moon forms a sextile with Mars, two signs away, in Gemini. This continues yesterday’s forward movement and momentum. New ideas may come up for integrating or exploring as options. There could be excessive mental or external chatter. Rest your eyes as needed. Aries Moon square to Mercury in Capricorn brings up conversations or questions about power and who’s in charge or ready to lead and take a more important leadership role. This may or may not be resolved today. At 9:33 pm ET, Venus changes signs, heading into Pisces where she boosts compassion and sense of beauty and harmony. Wear Yellow.

Friday ~ Aries Moon until 6:42 pm ET. We begin with Aries Moon joining forces with Saturn, requesting serious commitment or intention around our roles and how this impacts other people. It’s favorable overall, so this may come naturally. Aries Moon then squares Pluto, leading to questioning of intentions, our own or the motives of others. Really hone in on your intuitive knowing and let that guide you. Look below the surface. Void Moon from 4:01 to 6:42 pm ET and a change of energy with Taurus Moon aligned with Venus for a romantic or cozy night. Wear Pink today.

Saturday ~ Taurus Moon squares the Sun and it’s time to get head and heart, body and mind, on the same page and path. Define your goals and re-commit to your efforts. Try not to let stubbornness block something potentially beneficial. Mercury and the Moon align  in earth signs, keeping us grounded in our decisions and taking ideas to the next level, such as production or action. Finally, Uranus and the Moon have their monthly conjunction, as if to say what’s new? This IS. Surprises may arrive with this, and/or cogs in the wheel may come up for resolution, changing some plans and projects (for the better maybe!). Today’s color is Green.

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