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The Aquarius New Moon — The Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

The Aquarius New Moon marks a fresh start. It’s the first New Moon of 2023, so it’s setting the stage for the overall vibe of the year. With Jupiter in Aries in harmonious aspect to the lunation, our lives will seem vibrant, abundant, and exciting. Embrace the positive vibes that the Universe is offering us.

This is a wonderful time to make our dreams come true — especially since Uranus (the modern planetary ruler of Aquarius) turns direct in Taurus on January 22, ending the retrograde journey that began on August 24. The forward motion of Uranus is adding gusto and drive to our visions, as well as awakening us to what we need to grow and evolve in our lives. 

The New Moon exactly opposes Black Moon Lilith, who’s currently orbiting the sign, Leo. This aspect can create issues within partnerships and ourselves because it asks us to make important decisions. Instead of choosing one thing over another — we should pick the situation that makes us the happiest. Rather than focusing on other people’s joy — the time has come to give ourselves the love and respect we deserve. If there ever was a time to show the world our truest selves and manifest our innermost dreams — now would be the moment to do so.



Take stock of what you’re grateful for by writing about what you love and appreciate in a gratitude journal. This will give you the chance to tell the universe how appreciative you are for the abundance you have. Also, give you a chance to take stock of how lucky and great your life is.

Goals and Dreams.

A vision board will help you attain your aspirations. Make a collage with images that align with your hopes and goals for the future. This is a fun and creative way to visually manifest your dreams.


State affirmations, while looking in the mirror, that focus on your positive attributes. Say it twice a day for a month in order to see a change happen in your life. You can also add your daily desires and intentions to the affirmations to manifest your goals. 

Aries: I am loved and give love unconditionally to my friends. 

Taurus: I am at the top of my career, but will use this lunation to heighten my game.

Gemini: I will allow myself to decompress and relax. 

Cancer: I will assert and implement boundaries to protect my energy. 

Leo: I will give my best to comfort others when they need support. 

Virgo: I am capable of creating the work environment I desire through my efforts.

Libra: I am a creative being who uses art as a form of expression.

Scorpio: I am creating the life I want on my terms. 

Sagittarius: I can speak my mind to whoever and whenever I want.

Capricorn: I am stronger than I know and can do anything I put my mind to.

Aquarius: I am a powerful and confident being who radiates goodness. 

Pisces: I am worthy of love — especially from myself.

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