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We started the big swoosh into Aquarius energy this morning and from now through Sunday we are getting 1, 2, 3 boosts here. Today is #1 and it is about the Suns move into this sign. He entered at 3:30am Eastern and will tour here for the next 30 days. This puts a spotlight on aspirations, original projects, Aquarians, freedoms, friendships, group affiliations, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, and events. It urges us to show up, get more personally or physically involved in these topics, involve our name, title, brand, image, or body, promote our interests, and pursue what interests us. It’s a time to shine here. It may also be felt now as a need to shake things up, do things differently, follow one’s own tune so to speak, so if you or others are acting a bit more quirky or rebellious or exciting or shocking, well there you have it. There is also potential to hear or talk about goals, career interests or something with authority figures today and this is in adjustment to Mars so it’s likely you or they ask for some give and take or there is an explanation going on that facilitates this adaptation around what is going on. The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW is now up and looks at this and the rest of what is going on in our week ahead, listen here: Tune in today for the FEBRUARY MONTHLY ASTRO SHOW, live at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific:     PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we let go, be in the inventive moment, alive with excitement, and fearless in expressing whatever genius we might be gifted with from on high.’ Peak time is 1:55-2pm Eastern/10:55-11am Pacific. See you there! ~Zoe Moon”

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