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A Simple & GOOD Energy Clearing Exercise

Over the past few weeks I’ve recommitted to feeling GOOD.

I know my True Nature is to feel good; I deserve to feel good; and I know anytime I am not, it’s “not me or mine”.

This doesn’t mean that I will or should always feel good, but I recognize that when I don’t I am either in an energy or telling myself a story.

Let me be clear on what I am saying, on two counts: First, I am NOT a fan of New Thought ideas that perpetuate belief structures about keeping positive. I’m energy sensitive and therefore there is no friggin’ way I’m going to avoid FEELING low vibes – and, yes, sometimes even mistaking those for my own!

Plus, I have chronic pain so that’s like telling me if I don’t feel good, or if I have an emotional response to the pain (like: I’m sad, depressed, angry, I don’t want this pain again)…that I’m perpetuating my demise.

This belief structure truly only stimulates shame and guilt for those who already struggle. I find even good-hearted spiritual teachers can have a big blind spot when it comes feeling good. Personally, I just don’t believe that we have the power to create it ALL -including how we feel. (I wrote a post about this on my Facebook page, so if this resonates with you, check it out).

However, I do know if I don’t feel this way: Essentially okay, centered, and my energy body truly KNOWS I AM GOOD NO MATTER WHAT I’M EXPERIENCING – I’m either in an energy, or a mental story… and neither of those are “me” because: I AM GOOD. I AM ALWAYS A YES. It’s my True Nature!

When I’m not GOOD …well, I have temporarily forgotten that I actually am GOOD. And getting back to GOOD is always within my Power & Control (fun fact: I actually wrote, and played, a song called Getting Back to Good… when I was learning to play guitar!).

If it’s a physical pain or ache I am experiencing, that doesn’t feel good, of course! Again, that is not within my control. Ironically, though, it’s usually the story that’s the most painful. Once identified, I can return to GOOD.

Perhaps it’s an energy – I’m feeling off or yucky- and because I’m energy sensitive, I can certainly feel crap. But if I don’t clear it, I’ll think that crap-feeling is me, and it’s NOT. This is trickier to recognize than you’d think.

But, I’ve discovered: If you are one hundred percent resolute and determined to KNOW & FEEL YOURSELF AS ONLY LIGHT, it gets less tricky.

In this Spirit, and right here in this Aquarius Dark/New Moon time – so good for release and clearing- I would like to offer you a simple technique for clearing your energy field so you can come back to feeling GOOD.

  1. Comfortably sit in a place where you can feel your feet on the ground, and your spine supported.
  2. Now, settle back… into your spine, seat, legs and feet. Relax. Let yourself be here and nowhere else.
  3. Breathe in, and on your out breath feel your breath travel down your spine, seat, legs and feet.
  4. Do this several times. Inhale, and on the exhale, repeat to yourself: spine, seat, legs and feet, while connecting with these areas, feel your breath travel that distance – like water running downward.
  5. Your breath is directing your energy, and like water moving down into the ground, it is cleansing and clearing from the inside. Notice that you are moving energy with your breath.
  6. Give your self total PERMISSION to release anything that is not you.
  7. Say to your self: I have PERMISSION to release all that is NOT ME (while acknowledging that anything you are experiencing which doesn’t feel good is not you. Don’t question it. Trust.).
  8. As you repeat  “spine, seat, legs and feet” and experience that lovely water feeling, you are experiencing yourself subtly shifting your own energy. You are experiencing your ability, your Divine power, to release anything untrue for you – which is, anything that is NOT LIGHT.
  9. Send it into the ground, into the Earth. Imagine it all pooling under your feet and seeping into the Earth.
  10. You can do this for as long as you need – until you experience clear unobstructed energy.

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