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Uranus goes Direct today, completing our trifecta of forward momentum boost with Aquarius energy, with the Sun kicking off his 30-day tour here in Aquarius 2 days ago/on Friday, our 2-week New Moon boost in Aquarius yesterday/on Saturday, and now, today, with the planetary ruler of Aquarius, Uranus ending months of Retrograde and going Direct at 5:59pm Eastern. The day may feel as though something is about to happen since the energy is at a standstill until it shifts and then woosh, we are released and it’s on! Time to start moving towards what comes next with our inventive, suddenly changing, surprising, exciting, shocking, social, online, big tech, charitable, astrological, original, and/or aspirational situations. Uranus will now be in forward direction until August 28th so it’s time to explore its energy and implement it while it’s taking you into what comes next, especially with the Sun and New Moon aiding these steps. This is occurring in Taurus, sign of value, being valued, pleasures, income, possessions, purchases, and/or products so we are moving forward again with our Uranus energy through these channels. Venus and Saturn add to the story today as they come together on the same degree in Aquarius to start a new yearly story together at 5:13pm Eastern. Since this occurs about 46 minutes before the shift of Uranus, it may be good to note that something serious may impact us personally and feel more important than it is so please give it a bit of time and consideration to allow the other energy to make its move before jumping the gun. If it still feels that serious then you can confront it or embrace it depending on where you are in your own story. Venus brings love or income, beauty or pleasure into the story, while Saturn brings a serious tone, time, effort, rules, regulations, authority types, responsibilities, endings, commitments, or ambitions into the story. Together they are merging some of these topics to get us into our new phase with our Aquarius themes. Examples: you could decide it’s time to make a commitment in love as part of your new thrust forward with your personal aspirations, or you could decide to end a love situation in order to experience more freedom. Other examples: we could find there is a new way of approaching income opportunities or the money itself online or there could be an ending to something online involving our money. You get the idea, it’s a side story getting underway along with the bigger story with Aquarius energy. The WEEKLY HOROSCOPES will be up shortly, check back here for them! PRAYER TODAY is the same as yesterday but at a different time: ‘May we invent, make changes, refresh, awaken, and find our best new foot forward, as an individual and part of the bright and beautiful collective.’ Peak time is 5:55-6pm Eastern/2:55-3pm Pacific. See you there! ~Zoe Moon”

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