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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The week begins with Venus entering Pisces on January 26. This aspect will induce creativity and unconditional love. The First Quarter Moon in Taurus occurs on the 28th, the same day that the Aquarius Sun squares the Nodes of Destiny, which asks us to speak our truth and move towards what makes us happy. The Sun connects with Mars in Gemini on January 29, giving us a push toward greatness and success. The outcome will have unforeseen results as Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus bring unexpected news later in the day. 

Witchtip: Work deeply with your throat chakra during the First Quarter Moon in Taurus (since Taurus rules the throat chakra) to speak your truth. Singing out words and drinking tea with honey can clear the channels. The mantra for this week is “I respond instead of react.” The more compassion you practice, the easier you may find how much you like balancing out others and how you can be a helpful source of light. You might want to burn some delightful citrus incense around your space to increase and invite positivity while cleansing your aura. Remember, communication is far more effective if you write your thoughts out before you articulate them directly. 


You might feel called to travel to see your heart’s desire blossom or be more open to experiencing something new and different. Overall, you are seeking unique spiritual experiences that allow you to grow more intimately with your loved ones. This will also bring you closer together at this moment.


If you’ve been giving power to other people in the past, this is a week to reclaim it as your own. Put your needs and desires above all in hopes that you can make your dreams happen. As long as you believe in yourself right now — anything is possible.


Don’t limit yourself this week. The more flexibility you give to yourself, the easier it will be to get out of situations that are no longer working for you. If this means not fully committing to certain situations — then so be it. You are the one making the rules.


You’ll receive an understanding of others around you which will ultimately propel you to a new level of self-development. It’s not projection you’re experiencing, it is self-awareness and having a comprehension of your interpersonal relationships. You will have to learn about yourself through your connections and how you treat others.


The week ahead holds a feeling of community and universal love. You might feel a need to shift your focus towards worldly affairs as you may feel extreme empathy for the plight of others. This is a beautiful cosmic alignment that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone.


The week ahead brings forth a plethora of changes for your zodiac sign. You have a lot of growing up and adulting to do as you learn that your actions do hold significant influence over those you love. The more you are aware and accountable — the more you can evolve.


The week ahead holds great potential for ironing out rifts within your relationships, so be sure to talk things out if your relationships hit some roadblocks. If you’ve been wanting to discuss your future with someone special, this energy will help you connect over shared dreams for the path ahead. 


This is a great time for you to weigh out your options moving forward. You might really take this time to go inward and focus on your personal needs. It’s a special time to delve into your own psychological needs. This might feel selfish, but it’s absolutely necessary.


You might be the sole provider on an emotional level for many people during this time. It can really put a lot of pressure on you which means self-care is your absolute priority at this time. Give yourself double the amount of energy that you’re handing out.


Your romantic life will get a huge kick as the week starts to wind down. Make good choices about who you partner with during this time, as any romantic connections are likely to take you on quite a magical journey. Find someone who sparks the magnificent light inside of you.


You may be sensitive under this cosmic climate, which is why you should give yourself extra TLC and attention to ensure that you feel better. If you’ve been neglecting your personal self-care routine lately, it could catch up with you. so be sure to pamper yourself if you need to.


This will be especially romantic for you, as Venus aligns with your Sun, putting its focus towards manifesting your heart’s desire. It is prime time to steal the affection of that special someone you admire. Just make sure they’re worthy of your deep love and not just your latest obsession.

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