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your forecast Jan. 27th…

A warm hello.

In the next 7 days, the Moon aligning with the planet Uranus, which is now Direct, could bring a revelation or breakthrough that is startling and progressive.

When the Moon reaches Mars in Gemini next week, a sudden burst of activity or build up of pressure may be a little on the stressful side.

Venus joining Neptune in Pisces until Feb. 20th will bring a loving or romantic turn of events and maybe a few tantalising fantasies.

  When you tally up unusual and unexpected expenses in the coming days, you may find it’s time for a budget review; an unusual gift or new possession will be something to treasure.   A short trip or travelling extra distances will take an energetic physical effort; catching up with someone you can’t wait to see will be meaningful but it may also involve a special emotional effort.   The planet Venus with Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th indicates you’ll think a lot about the past, a reunion may rekindle love, alternatively you may start to think long-term about a relationship and take it in a new direction.
TAURUS.   An unusual and surprise turn of events will help you to understand a situation, person or enterprise and know where you stand! A surge of outlays will stretch your resources, there may also be the opportunity to earn extra or to forge ahead with an important financial issue.   The planets Venus and Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th point to happy and fun romantic times; Singles, you could meet someone you fancy whilst pursuing a fun interest or a flirty exchange may take a friendship or casual association to a new level.
GEMINI.   A realisation or revelation will answer a long-standing question; it’ll feel good to move forward.   A fitness pursuit or physical task will push you to the max; take care not to push too hard, too fast!   The planet Venus joining Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th means you’ll make love a priority: you’ll give of your best to show loving support to someone dear, to achieve a goal that’s close to your heart and Singles, to find love.
CANCER.   An unusual meeting or social occasion will be eye-opening; it’ll reveal the lay of the land with a new group of people and how best to approach them.   A burst of action with a slow-moving project or situation will be encouraging; you may still feel a bit tense or impatient, but it’s on its way.   Venus joining Neptune in Pisces until Feb. 20th indicates a loving reconnection with a friend or relative too far away; you may also go somewhere you love.
LEO.   A sudden change of plans or unexpected request may be awkward but it’ll shine a light on a situation you need to know more about.   You’ll also push the pace, to fit in a fun outing, get-together or something you particularly want to do.   The planet Venus with Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th indicates a passionate engagement or commitment; you’ll give generously from the heart to someone or something you love or stand up for someone or something you love; Singles, an intriguing encounter could spark a tantalising fascination.
VIRGO.   An unusual idea or startling discovery will give another view of an issue or situation you’re trying to figure out; you’ll see a very different way forward.   Extra work, personal and financial pressures may be wearing but much will be accomplished; a special achievement stands out!   The planet Venus joining Neptune in Pisces in your relationship zone until Feb. 20th. promises warm romantic times ahead; Singles, a dusting of enchantment will colour a new attraction!
LIBRA.   You’ll suddenly realise how much extra a special undertaking or purchase will cost; this will help you plan ahead.   Travelling extra distances may be taxing but you’ll connect with people you really want to see.   The planet Venus joining Neptune in Pisces until Feb. 20th could express in labours of love that truly come from the heart – you’ll go the extra mile to help support those dear to you.   You could throw yourself into a diet, health or beauty project too.   Singles, an attraction could grow with someone you work with or whose talents you admire.
SCORPIO.   Special plans with someone dear twisting and turning, or an unusual social outing will bring interesting discoveries; they’ll help you come to terms with a changing relationship and see new possibilities for the future.   Extra financial outlays and dealing with a pressing financial issue may rev up stress levels; keep your cool to make good decisions.   The planet Venus joining Neptune here in Pisces until Feb. 20th should bring magical romantic interludes and date nights; Singles, you could meet someone through a social introduction or occasion.
SAGITTARIUS.   In the coming days, an unusual task or problem will be a challenge but you’ll learn a lot as you tackle it.   An inconvenient request or commitment with someone close or a sudden changes of plans will test your flexibility.   Venus joining Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th points to sentimental family occasions, caring family exchanges, you’ll welcome a visitor you love, and you’ll pour love into beautifying your home; Singles, you could meet someone through a relative or in-law.
CAPRICORN.   A fun celebration or surprise invitation will open a new door in a relationship.   A physical task or fitness pursuit will tax your energies; a surge of work pressures or domestic tasks will also push you to the max.   Venus joining Neptune in Pisces here until Feb. 20th will bring some warm and meaningful exchanges with others, loving words and messages and the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful place; Singles, you’ll connect with someone who’s on the same wave-length – engaging communication will spark attraction.
AQUARIUS.   An unusual development on the home front or with a relative will tell an interesting story; you’ll see a situation or relationship through fresh eyes and realise the best way forward.   Throwing yourself into a favourite interest or sport, fun outings and get-togethers will quicken the pace.   The planet Venus will join Neptune here in Pisces until Feb. 20th – during this period, thoughtful gifts and gestures from others will make loving statements; Singles, this is a favourable, go ahead time for romance – a new romance could heat up quickly!
PISCES.   A timely conversation will answer an important question or enable you to clear up a misunderstanding.   A burst of family involvement or strenuous domestic chores will put you through your paces.   Venus moving into your Zodiac Sign for the next few weeks, joining Neptune, will bring more love into your life – romantic interludes, caring actions from others and a meaningful interlude or exchange with another that makes your feel loved; Singles, this is a time for falling in love!

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