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Meaning Of Vesta Asteroid In Astrology

Vesta is an asteroid named after the Greek Goddess, Hestia, linked to the home and fire.

One of the major asteroids in the birth chart, Vesta in astrology is key to establishing a balance between your ambitions and deep desires. Vesta represents your commitment to yourself outside of the responsibilities you have at home and reveals the fire that truly ignites your soul even in the most difficult times.

Meaning of Vesta in astrology

Your Vesta placement helps you uncover what brings you happiness through your career and what you desire in love. 

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Vesta in Aries

This placement wants to exert its inner power, is unabashed, and does not get along with monotony.

In their career, leadership positions will help them feel courage and develop empathy for others. Fighting for their beliefs and being their most authentic selves will make them feel fulfilled.

Although they might desire a relationship, they would prefer to do things on their own if they see it does not work for them.

Vesta in Taurus

Vesta in Taurus will feel complete when they have the liberty to choose what truly brings them joy. They get inspired and will go through any hurdles to make their vision a reality.

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