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A Note for Today + Tax Tips!

Of note today: a precise T-square consisting of Mercury in Capricorn opposed Pallas in Cancer, both squared by Chiron in Aries=we may push boundaries in communications, entertaining unwise options or speaking with an eye to torquing others’ ‘feels’ in order to accomplish short-term goals–but consider how this may wound inadvertently in larger ways. Egos may bruise easily, and the ‘I Am’ may find itself momentarily confused; we and others are all susceptible. Tamp down urges toward insistence and aggression (especially if it’s framed as ‘concern’) and you’ll avoid planting the seeds of serious injury.

And now: Tax tips!

‘Paying the Tax (The Tax Collector)’ By Pieter Brueghel the Younger c1630 PD

This previously appeared in Eclipse in 2014, now slightly modified to bring it up to date.

We’re coming up on tax time in the US, but these rules apply in any country at any time when paying anything where you could be audited and the tax man could come back for more. These suggestions apply equally to personal taxes and business taxes, and have proven very useful in the real world; for myself, in a business that invites scrutiny (astrology is actually illegal in some parts of the US), I’ve filed using these guidelines for at least 27 years now, and I’ve never been audited or had the return questioned in any way. These suggestions are based on some I first saw in the work of March and McEvers—if you’re not familiar with them and their well-presented work, you might want to be. Their series, ‘The Only Way to . . .’ offers an excellent grounding in a number of Astro-areas.

Timing Is Everything. It seems it’s all in the moment you release the Return; whether dropping it in a mailbox or pushing ‘Send’ on the computer. That’s the point at which you lose control of the numbers, and entrust them to Big Brother. So to that end, you choose a moment during the Moon’s Void of Course period, every two and one half days. This can get tricky, as sometimes the Void is only a few minutes in length, but it’s worth planning ahead for.

The idea is that the Moon symbolizes the forward (linear) movement from one event to the next that is the essence of daily life; it represents time, not in Saturn’s slow, trudging-forward, span-of-eons way, but in the way that nothing sits still, everything is changing perpetually, and the Moon captures that changing nature of life in its swift cycle of waxing and waning. When it’s in the Void, it has made the last major aspect it will make to another body while still in that sign; it leaves the Void when it enters the next sign. In that period between the final aspect and entering a new sign, the Moon is said to carry no energy behind it; events, then, lack that same impetus, trailing off into nothing, coming to nothing, or never getting off the ground in the first place. This is advantageous in paying the tax bill as it would typically be scrutinized for discrepancies and extra due. Offering it in a Void period, though, removes the energy that would ‘cling’, in a psychic sense, to the Return, which should allow it to flow through the system without a hitch, with either payment or refund over in no time. Whenever you want to put something through a system and have it pass through with little problem and without drawing attention, then initiating the journey during the Moon’s Void is the right time.

Stay away from submitting something during a Void when you DO want it to draw attention. Don’t enter a contest, submit a paper or article, or apply for a job or for entrance to a college, or make that ‘first moment’ in the Void for anything else where you want to be seen and heard. No interviews, placing orders, or announcements, either. There’s another condition that applies to the Void, the potential for things not to go as planned. This chiefly applies to gatherings or something actually started during the Void, and it plays off what we anticipate going forward: if we believe we can start the party and it will be just fine, a convivial evening of laughter and warmth, what we may get is a lot of no-shows, a couple of fistfights, or an evening where everyone stands in icy silence with a drink in their hand. The opposite can occur, too: if we think something may be a disaster, we may be pleasantly surprised. Unanticipated outcomes and the unexpected will be drawn into the Void like water down a drain–so be prepared.

Have an excellent weekend! If you’ve written to me lately and I haven’t gotten back to you, please understand that I’m unable to correspond with everyone I’d like to–if I give my time to personal questions, chat, and uninvited queries I have that much less time to work–and right now, for me, it’s all about the work. My apologies to those who’ve been disappointed.

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