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KAAPA: Memories Of a Murder Or Beena’s Story


I came to Bangalore for yearly counselling and prayer session with my counsellor and to meet Guruji. Shree. K . N Raoji. I was with my counsellor yesterday, sharing my worries and burdens. We spoke a lot about mental health, spirituality and child abuse. Today, I went to Guruji Shree K.N Raoji’s residence. Then I went to the commercial street, did some shopping for my family, and returned to the hotel. 

I had a hectic week, and I was relatively free tonite, so I thought of “watching Netflix and chilling alone”, huh?

While browsing, I saw KAAPA and started watching that. I liked the movie a lot, and there are so many trolls about the female actors, them being goons. I liked their performance and felt everything was right. The movie is about gang war and how the enmity continues through time. The protagonist, Prithvi raj himself, is a villain and a dangerous goon in the city. To start his career as a Goon, he uses the skills of a small boy and the boy gets arrested, and finally, the boy himself will be his murderer. The opposite gang is led by a lady named Binu, whose brother was murdered by the protagonist in front of her eyes. She keeps the fire or revenge burning even without her husband knowing and manages to kill the protagonist. Still, somehow the protagonist’s wife, Prameela, gets the intuition of who the master brain is and challenges Binu that she will kill Binu. The end dialogue is weak because, Prameela, the widow, tells her that if Binu comes to Prameela’s locality, then she will kill Binu. If I was at Prameela’s place, I wouldn’t have waited for such pseudo-phone calls, but I wouldn’t be waiting for Binu to come to my place. 



Whatever, this movie took me back to 20 years, when I was a theology student and worked in charity activities. When we are into charity activities, we meet people from many walks of life. That’s how I met Beena( Not her real name), a widow with a boy child. She was still in her late 20s, and the child was small. She was working as a maid in one of the big shots in Trivandrum. When she shared her life, I was awestruck and shocked as such life was extraordinary. She was in love with one of the notorious goons in Trivandrum.  

The man was into the killing, and he physically attacked many. He was a 100% good murderer and a goon too.  They both were  living in the same colony. Beena had seen his encounters and was so impressed with the deadly activities. She even described how he thrashed a police officer in front of her. After that, her impression of him doubled and tripled. This girl fell for his physique and bravery. She was only 19 when she eloped with him. She became pregnant very soon and gave birth to a baby boy. While they were together, this girl took him to many church meetings, and he started changing his life. Even if a goon wants to change, he would not be able to change as his rivals remain unchanged. Afraid of their rivals, they stayed far away from the city and lived happily for around 1 year. Then they came back to the city, and one day, they decided to go to a movie. The baby was less than 1 year time. He, his wife, baby and wife’s sister went to the movie, and his rivals came there and killed him in front of his wife, child and wife’s sister. She told me how horrifying the scene was, and she did not even shed a single tear while saying that. She told me during the funeral services; also, she did not cry. The people around her asked her to cry, but she said she would not cry.

After that, her real struggle started; she was just 20 then and not educated, so she started working as a tailor, but that job was not helping her make enough money for her son. She went back home, where she had a brother, sister and aged parents. When she met me, she was working as a housemaid. I was really hurt as she was treated like a queen when her husband was alive. He used to buy expensive clothes, ornaments, good food and all the comforts, but all he gained through bad deeds. Now she has no money, good food, luxuries, pain, and uncertainties.

Beena is a good-looking woman and very young. Every woman, beautiful or ugly, will face at least one predator; that’s what I know. Beena also had an experience, and that was from the house where she was working. The guy is a big shot in Trivandrum, and she called me up and shared this incident. That family gave her decent money, and the lady at that house was very good with her. The guy tried to lure her, but she did not give up in front of those promises, and she quit her job that day. I was not very rich then, but I told her, you can come to my home and help me, as I have a job and my son was just 1 year old. I was struggling to restart my career after the second delivery. My health was also very bad, so I could not manage two kids, my house and my job. I told her the only thing, my husband would never ever misbehave with her. He emits those big brother vibes, so females feels very comfortable with him.  She happily worked with me for the next three years. During the 4th year, I realized that my career was sinking as well as my finances, so I thought it would be wise to leave Trivandrum and come back home. 

Beena also understood my situation, especially my deteriorating health and anxiety about my career. She was so sincere, loving and caring for me. During those 4 years, I had no big headaches about my children’s security or cooking. I’m not too fond of cooking, and I hate going to the kitchen. The kitchen is not my area, but my cooking is ok. She knew it and never allowed me to cook or take any extra burden. 

We used to talk a lot about her life. Even after long years of widowhood, she never had any boyfriend or any flings. She still loves her husband and is proud to say that her husband was no:1 gangster in Trivandrum. She still says how he took over his enemies brutally, and I feel so strange about it. I gave her one promise, “If I have a good phase in my life, I will surely uplift you”.

Once I shifted to my native place Kottayam, I was really after improving my career. I was so peaceful that my parents were taking care of my children, and I also did not have to worry much about the expenses. I used to call her sometimes, but I forgot her once I started growing in my career. 

One day I was reading the Bible and suddenly the scripture came up about promised. Then I remembered her and I had lost her number too. I felt so bad, but I got the number after a few days. I called her and told her I was much better, so if she needed any help, she must let me know. I also asked her to come to Kottayam and take a rented house, and I will arrange a job in a textile shop or one of my friend’s shops. She said she is doing well, has started a tailoring shop, and has improved a lot. I told her not to forget to call me when she needs help; if that is within my reach, I would definitely help her. After that, I have no communication with her. I do not have her phone number also.

There is another chapter of this story. Years back, when I was in Trivandrum, I met another gangster who killed Beena’s husband. He lost one hand, and his leg also has a wound; now, he cannot walk properly and is also struggling to survival.  

In this movie, the women take up the legacy, but it is not the same in every case. There is a family who suffers and struggles and goes through humiliation. There is no end to a gang war; just like Kaapa, it will continue. However, we should always know that innocent family members also must carry the curse to the generations.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get Beena’s number, and the search is on. There are many gangsters and their families whom I have met during my theological life; I know one Prameela and Binu, like ladies from a very advanced Gangster Family in Trivandrum. They all are handsome hunks married to hifi ladies and chilling with holidays in exotic locations. Do you want me to write about them?


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