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The 3 Zodiac Signs Have More Fun Being Single During Sun Trine Mars On January 29, 2023

If ever there were a booster transit that exists to make us want to be single, it’s Sun trine Mars. If you are one of the zodiac signs mentioned today, you’re probably already out the door, done up to the nines, ready to bring the party wherever you go.

You are on fire today, and that energy feels good, positive and…friendly. You are not up for anything less than a stellar time, and you’ll have it, that is for sure.

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Sun trine Mars is almost blinding in its strange ability to remove all the doubt in our minds that it is much more fun to be single. It put us on the right track. We cannot see what is wrong with today or if there is anything wrong with today; what we see is potential.

And, mind you, that potential isn’t restricted to being single — it crosses over into business and pleasure. Sun trine Mars has us believing that we are unstoppable forces of love, light and fun; In a way, this gives us a chance to show people that we have a sense of humor and that on this day, January 29, we choose to seek the light. There is no darkness on this day, not for three zodiac signs.

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And so, with selective sight, we make the decision to go for being single rather than the dim room. The Sun trine Mars inspires us, and we will delight in the feeling we get when we realize that so much of this day’s positivity comes from our beings.

During Sun trine Mars, we are the light; we are the ones who show everyone around us a good time. And as they say, “a good time was had by all.” That’s Sun trine Mars, folks.

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