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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Monthly Horoscopes, February 1- 28, 2023

It may be time to say something ahead of time, and that is: Don’t beat yourself up for feeling less than enthused about the work that needs to be done this February. Keep in mind that this is notoriously a hard month to get through.

We are living the pressure we’ve put on ourselves when we decided this year is going to be amazing, but the thing is, it takes time to get to the ‘amazing’ part, so hang in there and keep believing in yourself.

February will bring up a lot of self-reflection for three zodiac signs in particular; this doesn’t mean depression or the discovery of something awful, but it does mean that, for many of us, we’ll be taking a pause before continuing. One thing we have going for us is the common presence of the planet Mercury, which will bring forth many personal truths; the kicker is how we deal with all of these truths. Can we take it?

If transits may take us down the rougher roads, we’d have to name them Moon opposite Mercury and Moon opposite Pluto, for starters. These transits make up our first week, and it will be during the first week of February that ‘sets up’ the tone for the month. With Venus square Mars showing up shortly after, we may take our confusion into our love lives.

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With Mercury square Moon showing up later in the month, we may find things start to smooth themselves out. But the general feeling for the month is one that comes with self-doubt, hesitation and the missing of choice opportunities due to fear of the unknown.

The three zodiac signs with rough monthly horoscopes during February 1 – 28, 2023:

1. Leo

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