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Thank you for helping my dream come true

I’m writing to share my gratitude and excitement, as I watch the dream I’ve been working toward for years finally becoming real!

This wondrous manifestation is showing up with my book, my membership, and my new podcast.


My book, Instant Divine Assistance: Your Complete Guide to Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, is selling more strongly than ever on Amazon.

Released almost 4 months ago, it’s now selling about 10 copies a day and is highly ranked in three categories. As I write this (January 29, 2023), the eBook is #1 in Mysticism, #2 in New Age Mental & Spiritual Healing, and #6 in Spiritual Growth Self-Help.

It’s up to 71 ratings – 66 5-star, 5 4-star – with many readers reporting miraculous healings or awakenings in their Amazon reviews.


My Awakening Plus online membership is also experiencing its strongest growth ever. It previously got just a few signups per month, but 18 new members have joined so far in January!


Finally, even with everyone and their dog making a podcast these days – there are 3 to 4 million active podcasts with about 150 million episodes, per – my “Awaken, Heal, and Thrive!” podcast is steadily gaining traction.

After only 18 episodes since its October launch, it has already appeared on the Podkite “Spiritual Podcast” charts in countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, and Germany. The show’s highest rankings so far are #14 in the Netherlands and #23 in Spain.

Whether you’ve directly engaged with my book, membership, or podcast, or just wish me well, I’m deeply grateful for your support. It’s so wonderful to do my life purpose for a living!

With deep gratitude,


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