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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Commit During Moon Sextile Jupiter On January 30, 2023

We live in a very strange world where we are given mixed messages nonstop, and oftentimes, we use the information given to us to rebel against the very thing that’s supposed to be good for us.

We are told that love is the answer, yet many people find it not ‘their’ answer. Not every person is a carbon copy of the next person. Even though we share certain universal truths, the idea of love, loving one’s self, loving one’s partner, child, friend, and family member, it’s not all ‘one size fits all,’ and because of that, we differ when it comes to our take on things like commitment.

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If commitment is indeed the issue here, Moon sextile Jupiter is definitely at play. This transit hypes up the idea of independence; it doesn’t make us lock-in, but it does present the idea of ‘not committing to someone’ as an option and one that might feel more appealing than not.

If we think we can’t commit during this transit, it’s because we can’t. It’s that easy, and while it may not be easy for our potential partner to handle, it’s who we are, and this is our truth, and we’re sticking to it.

This is how things like prenups are designed. Rather than commit fully, we create these escape clauses that protect us, or rather, protect our precious coin.

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There’s a truth that becomes revealed today during Moon in harmony with Jupiter, and that is that it’s better to hold off on committing than to commit and then, later on, remove everything we own from the person we once loved. Yikes, love is one strange game.

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