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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Ready To Move On During Sun Trine Moon On January 31, 2023

When January 31, 2023, rolls around, we’re ready to get over the new year vibes and move on to the rest of the year. And while it’s only the beginning of the year, there’s that feeling that always comes along with the end of the month that screams, “Can we get this over with, already?”

Hang tight, zodiac signs; the end is nigh, as they say though in this case, it’s really not as dramatic as it seems. The month’s end is here, so we need to rejoice.

That might be a tall order for those who have gone through pain or loss this year, and unfortunately, on this day, a few of us will be feeling the pain of that loss.

We have our Moon in Gemii, and that energy attaches itself to whatever is on our minds.

It works like an extra battery this transit. It’s the universe’s cosmic helper and assists in manifestation; if we think about it, it becomes. So, the kicker is to keep ourselves from going too far down in the dumps today, as the Moon in Gemini will only make it feel worse.

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Our one saving grace on this day comes in the form of the Sun trine the Moon, like a white flag that waves throughout the day. Peace in the heart does exist, and we will know our share of it. We must get past the darkness in our hearts and the memory of pain. Sun trine Moon is the bright light of hope, and thankfully, it is bright enough to let us see the radiant potential for goodness; we may sink low today, but we know we will rise again soon.

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