You are currently viewing Valentine’s Passion & Blending: February 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

Valentine’s Passion & Blending: February 1-15 2023 Astrology Forecast

Valentine’s Day is potently colored by contrasting aspects: Mars sesquare Pluto and Venus conjunct Neptune. The first half of February also features a Uranian Leo Full Moon, Venus square Mars, and a powerfully peaking T-Square!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most important astrological events. Also check out my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

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As of February 1 …

The Moon is waxing (there was an Aquarian New Moon on 1/21).

There are no retrograde planets.

There’s a Mars-Chiron-South Node Yod thru 2/5.
There’s a Sun-Mars-Ceres-Jupiter Kite thru 2/3
Theres a Sun-Uranus-Lunar Nodes T-Square thru 2/6

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2/1 (Wed)

Peaking T-Square Fire Up Aquarius/Uranus Energy

2023 02 01 T Square Sun Uranus Lunar NodesAstrology’s eleventh archetype, represented by Aquarius and Uranus, is fired up by a T-Square that started on 1/19, peaks today (2/1), and ends on 2/6. It includes the Aquarian Sun, Uranus, and the Lunar Nodes.

To make optimal use of the Aquarius/Uranus archetype, internally accept what’s unique about you and share it with the world to the greatest extent that serves highest good. Follow your intuitive hits, which are the most accurate guidance a human can get. And serve others using your special talents that you most love to use!

With the Lunar Nodes in the mix, do all this in whatever way best aligns with your life purpose.

Aquarius/Uranus energy can feel jangly and crazy-making when it doesn’t get enough high-side expression. If you’re feeling its chaotic side, focus on those high-side expressions and give it something better to do!

2/4 (Sat)

Venus Square Mars

Relationships, creativity, and finances are energized by a Venus-Mars square (11°14′ Pisces-Gemini). Venus in Pisces could help you manifest the relationship of your dreams – as long as you don’t get snared in gaslighting or delusions. This relationship could be with a physical being, or with your own divine self.

Since Pisces represents inspired creativity, this square is also a powerful artistic energizer. With Mars in Gemini, creative writing and speaking is especially supported.

Regarding money, dream big but also scrutinize any opportunities with due diligence. Is it time to try a different approach to financial manifestation?

2/5 (Sun)

Uranian Leo Full Moon

2023 02 05 Full Moon

A Full Moon lights up the sky at 1:29 pm EST (16°40′ Leo). Any Leo Full Moon is great for release or adjustment in your roles as a leader or entertainer. You can also transform how you work with children or your inner child, as well as your creativity, rest, and relaxation.


The Sun and Moon form a tight T-Square with Uranus. This invites major shake-ups to any part of your status quo, even sudden or radical ones, especially if they’re supported by intuitive hits! The Leo themes I just mentioned are hot prospects for change.

This T-Square invites you to entertain or lead as your authentic self, and to trust your inner wisdom as you do. Are you already serving others with your special talents that you most love to use? if not, how can you increase that?

This Full Moon also trines Chiron and Juno, which are tightly conjunct. Which of your committed partnerships are most in need of relationship healing? If you don’t know how to accomplish this, consider Marshall Rosenberg’s globally proven Nonviolent Communication method. The trines could make this process more easy and harmonious than you anticipated!

These trines could also support you assisting others with relationship healing, or vice versa.

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2/6 (Mon) & 2/7 (Tue)

Learning, writing, and communication are brilliantly and harmoniously supported by two friendly aspects: a Mercury-Neptune sextile on 2/6 (23°46′ Capricorn-Pisces) and a Mercury-Jupiter quintile on 2/7 (25°25′ Capricorn-7°25′ Aries). Mercury’s placement in Capricorn can help make your mental work especially productive!

2/8 (Wed)

The Chiron-Juno conjunction I mentioned in my 2/5 Full Moon forecast is exact today at 12°54′ Aries. Please see that forecast for tips on working with this potent aspect.

2/14 (Tue) & 2/15 (Wed)

Valentine’s Day Aspects

Unconditional Love WideTwo aspects, roughly eight hours apart, strongly color the energy of Valentine’s Day. Don’t overthink their exact timing, since both have a strong influence all day February 14.

Mars Sesquare Pluto

Even a minor hard aspect can create a stir when powerful planets are involved. That’s why this 135° Mars-Pluto sesquare merits your attention.

With this potentially volatile aspect falling late on Valentine’s Day (11:10 pm EST), be especially mindful of how you interact with your sweetheart. If this sesquare isn’t handled consciously, it could result in sudden or intense conflict. But it could heat up your erotic passion if used skillfully! With Mars in Gemini, consider spicing up your loveplay with some variety.

This sesquare can also supercharge all things Gemini, including learning, writing, and every kind of communication.

Venus Conjunct Neptune

A Venus-Neptune conjunction is exact on 2/15 at 7:25 am EST. But, as noted above, its influence will be plenty strong on Valentine’s Day!

And a good thing too, since this aspect is ideal for energetic blending. Venus rules relationships, while Neptune loves to dissolve boundaries. With this aspect, you could merge with your beloved so completely that you feel like one soul in two bodies! These planets’ placement in Pisces, whose energy is identical to Neptune’s, enhances this effect even more.

However, this aspect can also make you dangerously gullible. This is an awesome energy for gazing endlessly into your lover’s eyes, but might not be the best time to make a serious or binding commitment.

This Venus-Neptune conjunction is also wonderful for downloading inspired creativity and doing spiritual awakening practices.

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