You are currently viewing 9 days of free gifts from top healers ($850 value) … plus a chance to win a $325 relationship astrology reading!

9 days of free gifts from top healers ($850 value) … plus a chance to win a $325 relationship astrology reading!

Are you ready to feel profound peace in your heart?

Do you believe 2023 could be your best year ever?

Would you like to exhale stress and inhale self-worth and belonging?

Then join me, 5th generation psychic medium Dallisa Hocking, and her carefully curated group of top healers. You’ll receive free gifts every day for 9 days, with a total value of $850!

These gifts will help you experience more love, healing and happiness.

What’s my gift? I’m offering a free “Unconditional Love Immersion” Bundle, valued at $299. It contains all 7 “Unconditional Love Immersion” events (so far) from my Awakening Plus membership.

These powerful, consciousness-shifting videos and MP3s are usually only available to Awakening Plus members. But during this event – called “Grow The Love Gifting Event: Spark Lasting Happiness & Harmony”– they’re yours for free. And you also get awesome gifts from our 8 other healers!

To make things even sweeter, accepting this free gift opens the door to another one … a chance to win a 90-minute Relationship Astrology reading with me, worth $325!

Click this link to sign up for this totally free giveaway:

Yes, I want my “Grow the Love” gifts worth $850!

The event host, Dallisa Hocking, is a 5th generation psychic medium. Through a miraculous experience in 2015, she became a conduit for messages and healing. As a clear channel, she uses her gifts of sight, sound and feeling to help unlock greater joy, abundance and purpose with her clients.

Dallisa created this “Grow the Love” gifting event to remind you that you are loved more than you know!

The 9 days of gifts, worth $850, are free when you register. Sign up now to get free access:

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