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I astrologize a world-famous man and a podcast host

Learn more about astrology as I interpret two natal charts. One is a world-famous man who’s been in the global spotlight for over a year, while the other is an up-and-coming podcast host. Choose either or both!

I interpret the famous man’s chart on Famous & Fated … Our Look at a Mystery Astrology Chart! This 26-minute video is hosted by Dallisa Hocking, 5th generation psychic medium. You can have fun guessing whose chart I’m interpreting before the big reveal!

This is a fun and interactive episode which you can enjoy no matter how much you know about astrology. You may even learn something new about your own birth chart!

See The Upside Podcast Image Nina BlaicherI also interpret the chart of Nina Blaicher on Episode 52 of her “See the Upside” audio podcast. This 67-minute episode is titled, Deep Dive into My Strengths, Wounds, Relationships and Purpose: My Personal Astrology Reading with Benjamin Bernstein.” You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast player.

Nina says, “I was blown AWAY by the accuracy and insight Benjamin was able to provide from my chart. I felt incredibly inspired and validated. It explained so much and gave me some areas to really explore and celebrate in such a beautiful way.”

Interested in having me interpret your chart? Learn more about my Astrology+ readings!

About Benjamin

I offer the soul-level insights of astrology, the healing power of shamanism, and the life-transforming support of life coaching. My podcast won a Top 10 Astrology Podcast Award, and I was a Best Astrologer winner three years running. After 10,000+ sessions, I can help you master challenge, embrace transformation, and enjoy a more wonderful life! Click for more detailed bio.

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