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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love In February 2023

February is notorious for being the month with Valentine’s Day, which always brings about mixed feelings. Some don’t think it’s necessary; a day dedicated to love? Why not every day?

Then again, some delight in setting up a day for the silly nothings that accompany Valentine’s Day. In fact, during February, many of us will decide that the entire month should be dedicated to love and romance. And why not?

Three zodiac signs do not mind the idea of flowers and chocolates. They do not mind the pressure to buy a jewelry gift and don’t see the whole thing as a big commercial rip-off.

They like it. While not everyone is in the mood for chocolate-covered strawberries, some folks DO believe that the thought counts, and we can’t take that away from them. February of 2023 promises great love, but there’s a catch: you have to WANT it to happen for it to happen.

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And so, we’re looking at the transit that promotes a good and healthy love life, and what we’re seeing are excellent aspects here.

February flows with love thanks to the helping hand of a Cancer Moon to start us up, Moon trine Venus to put us in the mood, and a Full Moon in Leo to make sure we intend for the best in love and life.

Venus sextile Uranus to spice things up in the bedroom, Venus conjunct Neptune to let us know that we CAN broaden our horizons, and finally, the loving and helpful touch of sun sextile Moon…for the win!

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