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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Today, January 31, 2023, brings softness and the best horoscopes for three zodiac signs in astrology. 

As February whispers its promises of newness, you are starting to see that new beginnings don’t always arrive with fireworks but with deep inhalation of peace.

As you move not only into a new month but also into the second week of having all planets direct, you feel a greater expansiveness within life.

February brings all planets direct, a beautiful Full Moon in Leo and the passionate stellium in Aries later in the month, but most of all, it teaches that you do not have to spend your life struggling.

You do not have to wage war to get what you want or to live in a constant fight now, feeling like anything is how you want it. You do have a choice.

And this month brings in that awareness and the desire to experience life struggle free.

Of course, you cannot safeguard yourself from the expected challenges that life can bring, but you can choose to release the wars that are not yours to battle.

If, instead of accepting everything as it was, you trusted in your ability to manifest more but chose ease over the fight.

As this energy lingers on the day ahead but not here, today offers you the chance to bathe in your joy.

No major planets retrograde and no major astrological events are happening; it is as if the universe conspired to give you a chance not just to catch your breath but also to give you a chance to remember what makes you smile.

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