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Venus square Mars, Leo Full Moon square Uranus & The Houses

The Astrology Blog 30 January 2023

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“Many a friendship or marriage has failed because, instead of relating to and caring for one another, one person uses another as a shield against isolation.”

Irvin D Yalom – from Love’s Executioner – and Other Tales of Psychotherapy



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I’m rereading the superb Love’s Executioner by Yalom, a series of stories from his own psychotherapy career. He writes divinely and focuses on how psychotherapy really works, how the relationship between therapist and patient can reveal and heal the key issues. As you read you feel as if you yourself are in that patient’s seat, with his analytical spotlight probing into your own mind.

We instantly start to learn about the human condition, how we connect or disconnect, how we hide behind our own defences, how the fear of isolation and ultimately death lies at the heart of dysfunctional relationships and how all of this leads us to face the need for honesty, personally and existentially.

It’s a big week for relationships with the Venus – Mars square coinciding with an extra volatile Full Moon, so Yalom’s insights feel especially pertinent. Not being afraid to look at our own failings or excuses could be powerful stuff.

It’s a shorter blog than usual this week, and a delayed one, simply because of pressures of time, but I’ve included a summary of the Houses at the end, in a way that you can see how they work as opposites. This is relevant to locating the Full Moon in your own horoscope.


Here’s your “at a glance” picture for this week, not a huge amount of activity but we’re travelling towards a Full Moon square unpredictable Uranus, so don’t be fooled. There’s definitely a “lull before the storm” or an “all change” feel about this, so it’s a time for staying on top of your workload or plans, and for not taking your eye off the ball with any situation that has already been a challenge, in either a disruptive or exciting way, or  both!

Tuesday 31 January

  • Venus 6 Pisces semi-sextile Jupiter 6 Aries 23.15

Saturday 4 February 

  • Sun 15 Aquarius square Uranus 15 Taurus 02.51

Sunday 5 February

  • Venus 11 Pisces square Mars 11 Gemini 03.30
  • Full Moon 17 Leo 18.30



I don’t always cover the minor aspects but I think it’s worth noting that the week starts on a positive note with the coming together of Venus (the Lesser Benefic) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic). The semi-sextile (half a sextile which is a major aspect) is formed when two planets are exactly one sign apart. Any combination of these two planets is good news as they symbolize the things in life that benefit us, that cheer us and bring us special moments. Here are the mix and match themes to look out for –

Venus is Aphrodite, goddess of love. Your Venus sign tells you about your relating skills, what you are looking for and how you approach relationships. She is feminine and rules women, all pleasure seeking, lovemaking, beauty, comfort and luxuries, art, music and the fashion industry. She also rules sustenance, everything from food to the money we make in order to live.

Jupiter is Zeus, king of the gods. His main principle is expansion, anything that makes our life bigger and better, bringing the things or the people into our lives that are helpful, inspirational and good for us. Planet of opportunity, luck, liberation, good fortune, abundance, generosity both giving and receiving, learning, publishing, truth and justice/all litigation or legal concerns. Long distance travel, including emigration, foreigners, and all matters or people related to overseas. On Jupiter’s watch events tend to unfold easily and propitiously.

As I referenced last week the current astrology is always reflected in my client work. In a reading yesterday there was a lovely showing of this Venus – Jupiter in terms of financial generosity and higher education. My client’s parents have passed but her father left a trust fund for his grandchildren specifically for schooling and, as it turned out, one of the children has more special needs than realized until now, so this has turned out to be a real blessing.


The love planets coming together is also considered to be propitious for relationships but the square signals tension or friction. This doesn’t have to spell trouble but it can be about dealing with your differences rather than the things you have in common, or disagreements about money or sex. It’s strong for sexual attractions that might otherwise be something of a mismatch, it can be the start of an affair or a milestone on the road if one partner is still extricating themselves from a previous or even still current relationship, especially as Mars is still on his long journey through the double sign of Gemini. Choices are a theme, including realizing that someone may not be right for you after all.


This Venus – Mars alliance is especially prickly and decisive as it falls bang in the middle of the Sun square Uranus and on the same day as the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is that moment each month when the Moon lines up exactly opposite the Sun, therefore receiving all of his light and appearing to be the same size disc in the sky. So you never need to wonder which sign the Full Moon falls in. We’re in the Aquarius time of year (where the Sun is at the moment) so the Full Moon has to be in the opposite sign of Leo.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn but is also co-ruled by the modern planet Uranus. So we have a double whammy of Aquarius/Uranus themes. Regular readers will know that I generally refer to Uranus as the rug puller, the thing that upsets the best laid plans or the thing you couldn’t possibly have seen coming. Look out for your Aquarian friends and loved ones as they’re most likely to be in the heart of news coming your way.

In relationship astrology Uranus is known as the divorce planet, ruling splits and separations of all kinds, but can also work the other way around, a relationship that seems to spring from nowhere or which raises eyebrows. Remember that Uranus is the opposite to conventional Saturn, planet of rules and caution. Uranus breaks the rules and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. In your own love life this is not a time for giving too much power to other people’s opinions, do what’s right for you or for both of you.

Uranus/Aquarius rule the collective, everything from the world at large to groups and your circle of friends. I’ve noticed many times that aspects or features involving this duo are generally good news for your social life so I would definitely say yes to invites, especially of the unusual or last minute variety. Uranus loves to spring surprises.

This Full Moon falls exactly conjunct my own Moon – Uranus in Leo, in my 9th house – where we locate all things overseas and higher education. There’s a lot of interest in the courses running at this year’s Summer School and I can already tell that I’m getting increasingly busy with in terms of dealing with enquiries, tracking flight info and checking out the package deals on offer. This is the part of my work that is incredibly time consuming, but it’s my job! If you want to know more about the best deals and the travel options you don’t need to spend hours trawling through everything yourself, I’m already doing it.

The 9th House is where we locate publishing and I’m also working on all kinds of new book material, so am fully expecting this imminent Full Moon to be decisive in terms of what I shelve for now and what I focus on. The reality is that I’ve only got 3 months of writing time left before Summer School starts, and after that we’re into the very hot weather of July/Aug, when it’s too hot to think never mind write a book! Hard to imagine right now as it’s freezing cold, heading for minus figures at night this week.

I’m also fully expecting this Full Moon to be about something else as well, something that will come to light over the weekend, and I could speculate endlessly but with Uranus it’s always better to sit and see. It falls across my 3rd/9th Houses and the 3rd House is the natural domain of Mercury who comes “out of shadow” next Tuesday, which rather underlines the themes of news coming to light.

New and Full Moons are important for all of us universally but always remember that they will be especially significant if they fall at or very close to the same  position as your own natal planets or Angles. In that respect they become markers and milestones on your road ahead.

Locate where the Full Moon will fall in your own horoscope, ie where are the signs of Leo and Aquarius, and look at the two Houses involved. Below is a summary of the meaning of the Houses to give you some ideas and pointers.

Until next week, with love from Greece



As with the signs and planets each house has its own dominion, whether this be other people, work matters, health issues, money and so on. All things, all people and all events can be located in the chart and studying the combination of a planet in a sign in a house is the route to arriving at an interpretation that is particular to you.

The concerns of each house follow the sequence of the 12 signs of the zodiac and are in keeping with the symbolism of the sign and planet(s) to which they correspond.


1st House – Aries – Mars


The physical body, appearance, the ego and sense of self –reflects the Aries mantra of “I am”


7th House – Libra – Venus


Now we can start to think in terms of opposites. 1st house is the individual the 7th is the house of “the significant other” – relationships, marriage, business partnership. Traditional astrology also gives open enemies, someone publicly against you. The themes of the 7th reflect the Libra mantra of “I relate”.


2nd House – Taurus – Venus


Sustenance, all that is needed for an individual to survive at a physical and sensual level. Personal money matters and possessions, all material and visible goods, food and practical resources, reflecting the Taurus mantra of “I possess”.


8th House – Scorpio – Mars/Pluto


Oher people’s money and resources, especially the partner’s. Death, and goods of the dead, legacies and bequests. Sex in terms of the whole cycle of conception, birth and decay, also symbolic rebirth and transformation. Surgery and surgeons. The themes of the 8th reflect the Scorpio mantra of “I regenerate”.


3rd House – Gemini – Mercury


Communication and everything that this encompasses – talking, writing, emails,  the media, phones, computers, conversation, ideas and so on.

Siblings and neighbours, our neighbourhood and short distance travel.  It reflects the Gemini mantra of “I speak”.


9th House – Sagittarius – Jupiter


The “higher mind”. Higher education, philosophy, the search for meaning, religion, truth, justice, the law and all those who work in these fields. All things foreign, long distance travel, planes.  Publishing and serious literature. The themes of the 9th reflect the Sagittarius mantra of “I seek”.


4th House – Cancer – Moon


Home, property, where we live now but also our family roots, origins and the environment of our upbringing. One of the parents. The themes of the 4th reflect the Cancer mantra of “I nurture”.


10th House – Capricorn – Saturn


Our place out in the world, career, ambition, aspirations, profession and status. The other parent, often the breadwinner as opposed to the homemaker. Those who have authority over us, from bosses to monarchs. The themes of the 10th reflect the Capricorn mantra of “I master”.


5th House – Leo – Sun


The “fun house” – parties, hobbies, relaxation, holidays and anything enjoyable. Gambling and risk taking. Creativity and artistic gifts. Intimacy. Children. Lovers. The themes of the 5th reflect the Leo mantra of “I create”.


11th House – Aquarius – Saturn/Uranus


Our wider circle of people – social life, friends, colleagues, groups, societies and organisations. The collective, our ideals, social values and political beliefs. Traditional astrology also gives “hopes and wishes”. The themes of the 11th reflect the Aquarian mantra of “I understand”.


6th House – Virgo – Mercury


Work, our day to day jobs and chores, and also crafts and skills. Health and the health industry, service, skilled labour or anyone in our employ. Lodgers are located here too, as are all small animals. The themes of the 6th reflect the Virgo mantra of “I serve”.


12th House – Pisces – Jupiter/Neptune


Blind spots, self undoing and the “vale of tears”. Those who are lost to us through rifts, feuds or early death. Hidden enemies and ambushes. Sacrifices, seclusion, places of confinement, such as hospitals, prisons or retreats. Inner contemplation, mysticism and karmic lessons. Priests or gurus. The themes of the 12th reflect the Pisces mantra of “I redeem”.


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