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WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 2/1-7/2023 — The Hoodwitch

The week ahead is intense with shake-ups and challenges that will be deeply felt. Venus in Pisces connects with the Nodes of Destiny on February 2 and squares Mars in Gemini on February 4, making it a week about romantic decisions. Deciding how we feel and how we want to pursue relationships is the theme of February 5’s Full Moon in Leo. Due to the square from Uranus in Taurus to the Sun in Aquarius on February 3, we may want to move onwards in a different direction without any constraints. Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces link up on February 6, offering one more chance to make these situations work and hope for the future. 

Witchtip: Armor up from the energy that may be projected onto you. With the Full Moon and Uranus causing erratic havoc in the cosmos, it’s important to use some protection tools. Lava rocks or Obsidian stones are great minerals to bring to social gatherings, in your bag when traveling, or to keep in the living room at home. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, hold this extremely absorbent rock in your hand and imagine it consuming any emotional baggage or irritations you encounter. It will absorb the energy and act as a safeguard for you, 

While you may want to go at top speed this week, take a moment to slow down on February 5. You can get all your work done, even if you take time to be reflective. Pace yourself to prevent burnout. You will be thankful you did this at the end of the week, 


Commit to a new passion project this week! Keep it precious to you, though. This way, be completely present while still satisfying your dreamy quality. It doesn’t have to be flashy! Try knitting a warm scarf or learning to cook a new, exotic dish. Time and focus will help occupy your hands and mind.

Outsiders may view you as someone with several romantic options of your choosing. However, this week will make you feel like sharing your heart with just one. Your devotion to this person inspires even your most cynical friends! The journey to commitment is an adventure, in itself.

Time to get thrifty this week! It’s all about budget planning. Finances might’ve taken an unexpected hit recently, leaving you bewildered. Here are some quick money-saving tips: bring leftovers for lunch, and head to a dive bar this weekend with your friends for dancing.

While you usually go over the top in declarations of love,  it’s best to keep it simple right now. Have your beau over for an intimate meal and spend the bulk of the evening keeping each other warm under the blanket—tame your inner wild lion with a good cuddle session with your sweetheart. 

Romance feels extra magical this week. Be on the lookout for a chance encounter or the deepening of a current relationship. It’s likely that your partner will open up and share a new side of themselves with you, bringing you two closer together. 

A confrontation may be a challenge for you, as you are often balance-minded. Don’t be afraid to be direct with others this week. Your sweet charm will save you from unnecessary arguments. Remember, life is one big balancing act. And you are the ringmaster in balancing different personalities. 


Power struggles with others on the 5th may force you to hide under the sand for a bit. However, you have the opportunity to transform unions through your persistent care for others. Just don’t use your claws to hold onto the past! Let go and move on over to the future. 


Open yourself up to spiritual possibilities this week. Charge forward into winter with a new spiritual outlook during the full moon on February 5. With your new views intact, you’re going to display more positivity through these upcoming cold days. 

Known for both your frugality and your helpful nature, an acquaintance who notices your full wallet might ask for a loan. Declining the request gently is in your best interest, as your buddy is unlikely to pay you back in a timely manner. 


This is the perfect cosmic atmosphere for adventure, sweet water-bearer. Plan exciting new activities with a loved one.  Add some heat to the wintery days by going out for a hot evening or taking a fun day trip where you can get physical with your partner.

While your natural sense of well-being may depend on your material wealth, it’s time to open yourself up to a higher plane this week by focusing on intellectual and spiritual endeavors. Reading new books about harmonizing your energies allows you to see the broader scope of life’s possibilities. 

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