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How To See Family Karma In Astrology

The natal chart presents us with many planets and aspects that teach us about some of the lessons we have learned in the past and will continue to learn in this lifetime.

Further, certain connections between people can show us the potential karmic debt they owe one another.

This type of chart comparison, known as synastry, is often used to delineate romantic connections. However, platonic synastry connections also exist between friends and family members. They can show us how we relate to one another and how we can grow and learn from each other.

To see the impact of karmic connections with friends or family, we can see it through three key houses in the natal chart: The third house relates to friends, siblings, and cousins, the fourth house represents our parents and ancestral roots, and the fifth house represents our children and creating our foundation in the home we build.

Having planets in any of these houses can show the karma we will work on in this lifetime or what can push us to research more about our roots.

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Ancestral astrology placements and family karma in the birth chart

The third house

Planets in your natal chart that fall in this house will show some insight about siblings.

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