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Millionaire Aspects In The Natal Chart

Have you ever wondered if you will get rich? Some people are more prone to achieving wealth than others — and astrology can show us why.

In astrology, money and finances are ruled by the second and eighth houses or the 2nd/8th house axis of the birth chart.

The second house shows resources and income while the eighth house shows us joint finances, or the wealth you may share with others such as a spouse or through a business partnership. The eighth house also shows investments, taxes, real estate and inheritances. Typically, the eighth house is referred to as the house of regeneration, taxes and death, and it rules these matters as well.

Other houses relevant to wealth accumulation include the fifth and eleventh houses.

The fifth house of the chart is the house of pleasure. Though we typically look to the fifth house as governing children, friends and dating, it rules other forms of pleasure such as gambling, so placements here can also affect your relationship with money.

The 11th house can come into play as it is the house of hopes and wishes and planets placed in this house can indicate dreams that may well come true as well as your connection with the public.

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