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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 2, 2023

While this day may provide a couple of ‘necessary’ challenges, we should weather the storm fairly well. What we’re looking at is how our transit of the day, the Moon square Jupiter, can give both hope and fear at the same time.

For three zodiac signs, today may be a day with dreaded conflict or a confrontation that puts us on the spot; we will have to answer.

But here’s the thing — this day will end, and with it will go all the troubles that might arise. The roughness of this day is limited to Moon square Jupiter’s position in the sky…and it won’t last long. Phew!

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Jupiter generally brings great things, but the greatness that comes with this planet in transit relies upon external factors. Today, those factors place Jupiter in the position of being a little too ‘bossy’ for us mere humans.

If we are destined to fall into the Moon square Jupiter vortex, we will feel discomfort and apprehension. Today may scratch the surface of our paranoia, but it won’t let us fall into the abyss.

As a general example, what can be caused by Moon square Jupiter’s presence is a need to back out of a thoroughly safe situation, or something along the lines of…us, walking away at the wrong point.

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We may have been involved in making some great projects, but today is the day we suddenly feel sketchy about being a part of it, and we may bolt at the last moment.

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