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your forecast Feb. 3rd…

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The Full Moon in Leo is square the planet Uranus – this will hit a striking or unexpected chord – something out of the blue could redefine a situation, relationship or undertaking.

When the Moon transits Virgo next week, there’ll be 4 Earth accents – Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and the Moon in Virgo; you’ll need to make a very practical decision with a matter you’ve been vacillating about.

There is still the Sun/Saturn in Aquarius undertone too – this refers to an area of focus and activity in your life that’s slow-moving and a lot of work; you’ll need to keep on, keeping on with this.

   The Full Moon in Leo denotes a special celebration or a get-together you have a big emotional investment in; there may be unexpected costs with this or you could splurge spontaneously to make the most of it!   This may reset a relationship that’s important to you.   A task that has a few awkward and testing aspects will require a clear practical overview yet diligent attention to details.   A friend or work colleague may be hard work but accepting this will help you to maintain the association.
TAURUS.   The Full Moon in Leo signifies a big push with grand family or domestic plans, and a few unexpected issues to deal with as you go; this may be particularly meaningful for a family member.   Sorting out the details of a special outing or get-together will help it to flow smoothly but there may be a few practical compromises to take in your stride.   Handle the challenging conditions and pressures of an ambitious career or personal enterprise positively and you will shine!
GEMINI.    The Full Moon in Leo here will bring surprise news or information that redefines special personal plans or an unsettled relationship; it will be an opportunity for a fresh start but with a difference!   You’ll need decisive organisation to bring the different strands of a domestic task or family commitment together.   Travel plans or a long-distance relationship will require thoughtful input; legal business, a contract or official paperwork will require conscientious follow through too.
CANCER.   The Full Moon in Leo falls here in your money zone: it indicates a large purchase, special outlay or a big decision with a financial undertaking.   Researching and checking the details of a new or changing financial arrangement will help you iron out the wrinkles.   A financial commitment or complex issue may be hard-going but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
LEO.   The Full Moon in your Zodiac Sign could bring an emotional issue with another to a head; handle this thoughtfully, it’s your chance to turn the situation around.  A gift or kindness from another will reach out to you, you too could make a generous gesture to help someone dear.   A situation or commitment with someone dear may be hard work but you’ll hang in there to see it through.
VIRGO.   The Full Moon in Leo here indicates that it’s time for pro-active efforts with a lingering problem or stressful condition; you’ll need to take the reins, tackle challenges resourcefully and forge the way forward.   Motivated efforts and attention to details with a special task you’ve been postponing will distinguish your efforts.   A health goal, heavy load on the job or labours of love for someone dear will ask a lot of you.
LIBRA.   The Full Moon in Leo here indicates a fun outing, get-together or special occasion may be unexpectedly expensive, a fun personal pursuit could more costly than you thought too.   Details you’ve overlooked with a personal undertaking or situation you’re dealing with will benefit from more thorough attention.   Pouring energy into something you love do or a special commitment with a loved one may end up a lot of work but it’ll be a emotionally rewarding.   You’ll do your best to cultivate a new social or personal contact as well.
SCORPIO.   The Full Moon in Leo, up here at the top of your horoscope, indicates that a challenging situation or task on the job will also have some unexpected factors; you’ll need to think on your feet and show what you can do!   A providential encounter will be a chance for an opportune conversation that brings some helpful advice or counsel.   Family or domestic undertakings will be demanding; time and again, you’ll need to go the extra mile.
SAGITTARIUS.   Here is the Full Moon in Leo – you’ll need to give of your best to bring an exciting personal project to fruition; it may twist and turn but keep your eye on the prize and you’ll get there in the end!   A piece of news or information will explain something you need to understand better.   A personal success is indicated.   Also Sagittarians, you may be going through an experiential learning curve – handling different situations and new experiences will build your knowledge and skills.
CAPRICORN.   The Full Moon in Leo here indicates some large outlays or a far-reaching financial decision, there may be some unexpected expenses or financial developments as well; an emotional issue with someone close could come to the fore too, you’ll be keen to understand and be understood.   A helpful offer or guidance could steer you with a special personal or professional matter.   There may be some practical purchases and outlays you need to budget for, you may work longer hours to earn extra and a slow-moving financial project will take patient efforts.
AQUARIUS.   The Full Moon in Leo falls here in your relationship zone: a family occasion, special commitment with a loved one or big family project will require a full-on effort but prepared there’ll be unusual situations or changes of plan to work through as it unfolds.   You’ll have to consider a large purchase or big financial step from all angles to make a good decision; there may be a financial boost as well.   In an important way, considering yourself and your needs or desires will help you shape a new personal or career undertaking in its early stages.
PISCES.   The Full Moon in Leo accents work and health for you: there may be a sudden change of plans on the job, an unusual task or new situation to deal with; a health pursuit or goal that tests your flexibility as well as staying power, may be a personal challenge.   Arrangements with others will require some very practical considerations and compromises.   Family duties, a domestic undertaking or keeping a promise will stretch your resources.

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