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THE FULL MOON IN LEO 2023 — The Hoodwitch

The Full Moon in Leo occurs on February 5th at 10:28 a.m. PST and 1:28 p.m. EST. Action planet Mars and “Great Awakener” Uranus are in exact orbit of the Full Moon, adding frenetic energy. Secrets will be revealed in the process, revealing skeletons that have been buried deep in our closets. Relationships will shift, allowing us to take notes and make decisions about what we want. Our lives may feel out of control — but that’s only if we don’t embrace change. Breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs. Even though the packaging and circumstances may not be pretty, we can augment our lives and create the best versions of ourselves after situations deconstruct themselves. Sometimes things need to fall apart to be put back together in a more concise way that aligns with the times. The only way out is through. Don’t fear growth. 

  • Celebrate yourself by writing down all of your positive attributes and amazing qualities. Don’t hold back. Be honest and open about your attributes. Place the paper in front of the mirror you use on a daily basis to be reminded of how amazing you are every time you gaze in the mirror.

  • Scrub away the negativity by taking a rejuvenating bath with bergamot, basil, mint, and Epsom or Himalayan sea salt. Boil all ingredients in a pot and strain out the ingredients. Leave the water in the pot and let it sit until it’s at room temperature. Then, pour over your shoulders in the shower and scrub on your body. Be sure to air dry when you come out of the shower. This will release negativity.

  • Center yourself by being aware of your present state of mind and checking in with yourself regularly. Take a pause and time for yourself when feeling off-balance. Hydrate, rest, and know your limits. The moment you’re stressed is when you should take a step back. 

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