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The Moon moved into Leo in the wee hours, so we are officially in the build-up to the climax under this Full Moon in Leo. Some will have their experiences last night, some today, some tonight, the rest tomorrow when it comes to what is wrapping up, ending, achieved, or celebratory. The focus is on lovers or one’s love life, children, creative interests, or recreational pursuits. It can bring out dramas or entitlement issues as well. Today it is linked to Jupiter so things will go bigger as we evaluate our happiness, prosperity or growth and where we are with any travel, distant, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political influences in the mix. Mars and Venus square today, bringing friction and heat to the story of love and intimacy, or income and action, or beauty, pleasure and what is happening here. Remember many Zoe Moon shows ago, back in the fall when we were getting into the Mars Retrograde and I looked forward telling you guys this would be when we turned some kind of corner with our sense of value, being valued, love, money, and our passions, anger or actions around it? Let’s see, we went into the Shadow in the first week of September, entered the actual Mars Retrograde at the end of October, met with the Mars Retrograde do-over moment involving Venus at the first of December, ended our Mars do-over Retrograde January 12th, and now here we are, at the challenge moving forward after having looked at all of this and ready for the push to make something work or move on. (In case you like to now look back at where you’ve come from in this story). So, is it amplified passion and activity today to move through something or is it over-heated anger, frustration or aggression? How is your Mars? We still have a few major Mars days forward to go before Mars exits Gemini on March 25th, but I suggest we all take today’s alignment to heart and figure out what we are doing about these things. Remember, Mars in Gemini is about these passions, anger or activity springing from what we think, write down, sell, sign, talk about, or decide, while Venus now in Pisces is about the love, income, beauty, or pleasure springing from where we are with any secrets, self-sabotaging tendencies, recuperative needs, the romance, karmic/past life situations, our artistic needs, our spiritual path, addictions, institutions, or research in the mix. To say things can be at an apex today between this building Full Moon energy in Leo and this Venus/Mars square is an understatement of course, so lean into the beautiful and positive side of these energies if you can and remember everyone’s emotions are a bit more raw and enhanced. PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we remember the world is a reflection of the individual, if we are to see peace then perhaps we need to release the warrior and embrace the lover within.’  Peak time is 10:25-10:30pm Eastern/7:25-7:30pm Pacific. See you there!  If you’d like to inquire about booking a reading to look into your personal chart and what’s on the horizon, email and I’ll send you the information about what a reading involves, the rates and when we might get started!

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