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Channeled Leo Full Moon messages

The full fiery Leo Micro-moon February 5 is at 1:29 pm EST at 16+° opposes the Aquarius Sun. Leo full moon is a Fiery, passionate, dramatic, heartfelt, strong willed and courageous time for marking completions.

A Leo full moon celebrates your sovereignty, your star power, your leadership, and ability to become whatever role is required to the very best of your ability.

Do Roar with heart-felt? but not ego, vanity pride over what you have accomplished. There’s a big difference.

It’s time to Celebrate your Leonine ability to be generous and express your heart felt purpose, courage and daring self confidence.

Everyone has a Leo component house in their natal charts even if you are devoid of Leo ♌️ planets.

The Full Moon is squared by that wild radical and hi-tech Uranus in stubborn Taurus. Squares are tense and create friction. Taurus resists radical change which is inevitable now.

The world has changed radically by all the the new technologies and the world is never going to be the same again unless a great disaster comes and wipes up back to another Stone Age as has already happened in the great flood.

Check out revolutionary thinker Graham Hancock’s Netflix show Ancient Apocalypse. I just checked out Leo Hancock’s Astro chart and he has Uranus square his Moon.

We must keep up with the changes but also evaluate what is enhancing our life, our love and our creativity for the greater good of all, Aquarian ideals of conscious humanity and shared power the opposite of royalty and .0001% hierarchies.

Questions for the planetary energies at the Leo Uranian Full Moon

Are you finished with playing small? What’s keeping you from owning your own sovereignty? Are you afraid you’ll upstage someone?

Don’t you really love the drama? Come on admit it.

Leo’s own the stage and are naturally charismatic stars, crowned with manes of glorious locks. Get a radical makeover.

At the very least, Expect radical unexpected changes in your pocketbook, everyday resources, tools, re-evaluate things treasure, open your mind- Aquarius, heart-the Leo, and body the Taurus , to freedom from the past dramas that are chaining you down.

This feels like the most import #1 thing to focus on right now. I’ve stepped into a synchronous zone and these are the messages I’ve downloaded and am sharing with you. A full looks effects last at least a day after the exact fullness, so stay in your heart fully.

Call upon Durga, the Hindu lioness goddess to help you vanquish your insecurity demons once and for all.

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