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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love, February 5 – 11, 2023

What do we have going for us this week? Well, we can start by thanking the Full Moon in Leo for whatever nerve we were able to muster up so that we could say that ‘one special thing’ to the person we adore, causing the week to become just a little bit better than it was.

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Yes, that’s right; this week is about saying the right thing at the right time, no matter what this particular ‘thing’ is. We know how to make our partners happy, and during the week of February 5 – 11, we will not only go out of our way to do such a thing, but we will want to…this is not a chore. This is an act of love and respect, and we are there for it.

As the week progresses, we have Moon trine Venus to let us know that not only are we lucky to have the love that is ours, but that we are lucky to get this chance to be our best; this love brings out our better angels, so to speak, and as we drift into the Libra moon, it all starts to make perfect sense: Yes, this is the right person, and we are in the right place at the right time. Lucky!

Sun trine Moon merely enhances all we already know, which places us in a good position for the influence of Mercury in Aquarius’ arrival at the end of the week.

If we build a bridge made of kind words and compassionate gestures, we know that our foundation is sturdy and that we can do anything and go anywhere with our person. Mercury in Aquarius also boosts intimate relations, so…let’s have some fun this week, signs. We are lucky, in love, and happy to be alive.

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