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Stellar Insights: February 6 – 12, 2023

As the week begins, and the Mercury/Neptune Sextile is in our midst, we may find ourselves wanting to take a softer approach with our language. We can see how speaking more gently, infusing our statements with kindness, and even being a bit poetic allows us to feel enveloped in a greater sea of sweetness. We may find ourselves inspired by the diaphanous, transparent, and liminal.

Additionally, with the Venus/Uranus Sextile, we’re encouraged to be open to shaking things up when it comes to our social plans. Going off the beaten path—choosing an activity that’s different than your shared go-to—may bring unexpected delight.

That said, the mood may get a bit more intense as the weekend comes into view. With messenger Mercury uniting with probing Pluto, we’re magnetized to the hidden. For example, we could find ourselves wanting to hide our thoughts and feelings; and yet alternatively, if we do find ourselves reveling in a sense of deep trust, we may actually want to exhume something that’s buried and let it see the light of day.

Additionally, we feel compelled to don detective hats and solve mysteries of all kinds. We may also find our BS meter is in full force as we’re inclined to suss out an array of secrets. And while this may be quite productive in exposing facts and feelings that have been previously cloaked, be careful that a desire to reveal what others are concealing doesn’t leave you in a shroud of suspicion that showers you (and others) with excess stress.

On Sunday, Mercury charges into Aquarius and for the next almost-three weeks we may find ourselves more apt to be interested in creating and recognizing patterns. Speaking of patterns, you may have noticed over the past few weeks that I have been quite interested in tracking when a planet moves into Aquarius (such as Venus on January 2) or is very close to the initiation phase of this sign (such as the Aquarius New Moon on January 21). That’s because soon enough Pluto will move to this spot of 0 Aquarius. This year it will there from March 23 – June 11 (it will firmly root itself in Aquarius in 2024).

Since astrology can reveal cycles, resonances, and patterns, on Sunday with Mercury at this hot spot, we may be able to get a small glimpse of some of the upcoming trends that this spring as well as the near future may bring us thanks to Pluto’s residence there. We may be able to read a few of the “tea leaves” in terms of the realms of life that may be poised for deep structural transformation. As such, if you’re interested, look to the news to see what emerges related to such Aquarian themes as technology, the collective experience, social progress, science, space, and networks.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share that if you’re looking for insights to help you further navigate February, check out this month’s episode of the So Divine! podcast (either hereon our website or whever you stream your podcasts). Additionally, my latest article for Well + Good features some areas of focus this month for each zodiac sign.

Wishing you a stellar week!


Astrological Highlights

  • February 6: Mercury/Neptune Sextile

  • February 8: Venus/Uranus Sextile

  • February 10: Mercury/Pluto Conjunction

  • February 11: Mercury enters Aquarius

All days reflect Eastern Standard Time (- 5 hours GMT)

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