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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscope On February 7, 2023

If only we could just get away with today without feeling like we’re being punished for something we’ve done in a past life. Yes, it’s that kind of day; we feel as though we’re trying to do the right thing, and yet, everything we do seems to upset someone around us.

There’s a reason why all of our best efforts go unnoticed today, and that is because of the two hostile transits that influence our day: Moon square Mars, and Moon opposition Venus.

And with that last transit, we may reach our limits when it comes to what we believe is fair, as this transit isn’t just happy with the hostile Mars appearance; it wants our love lives to be of concern, and that’s how the Venus transit makes itself known.

While certain zodiac signs will react harder to Moon square Mars, there will be those of us who are straight-up reactionaries to Moon opposition Venus. Of the three zodiac signs that are most affected by these transits, we will see that the most common feeling today is hostility. We are hostile toward the people we love most, and the people we love most may not understand this sudden personality change.

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This may be the day when we have to take our loved ones aside and explain to them that we are not perfect people and that on occasion, such as the occasion known as ‘today,’ we are hostile, angry, unruly, and non-communicative. It would be a very good idea to create that disclaimer right now, signs, the one that says, “I’ll be back and right as rain…just give me a day to work this out.”

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