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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 8, 2023

Sorry to say, not everyone will have the best horoscopes on February 8, 2023. There are a few transits taking place that will lend themselves to rougher than usual horoscopes for three zodiac signs in astrology.

In the same way that many of us will be successfully navigating a learning curve in our romantic lives, today’s transit, Moon opposite Venus gives us the idea that we can learn and grow, OR remain stubborn and end up learning very little.

This transit, Moon opposite Venus, gives us both a lucky and a rough day in love. Depending on what zodiac signs we are, we’ll either ride it out, or we’ll fall to the curb.

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It’s interesting to see how the same set of cosmic circumstances can lead two different zodiac signs to two different outcomes. While we know Venus transits are generally geared towards love-related options, today’s transit will have us concentrating on what we do not like about our partner.

We may be right, or we may be wrong; the only thing that influences our lives today, February 8, 2023, is what we decide to DO about our take on things. If we find something wrong with our relationships, for example, we may act precipitously and end it. Beware: ending it is not the right move.

Because emotions run high today, we have to keep a handle on impulsive and irrevocable behavior. If we feel like the only way we can communicate with our lovers, today, is by yelling at them, we have to know that this is not only a poor choice but one that makes things worse.

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