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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The week ahead brings us understanding and clarity. Venus in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus on February 8, making our love lives exciting and thrilling. Mercury and Pluto unite in Capricorn on February 10, urging us to get to the bottom of matters and secrets. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11, allowing us to reflect on matters with a new, radical perspective. The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio occurs on February 13, heightening our emotions and passions. 

WITCHTIP: This week’s energy is going to be frustrating. It may make us feel less confident than usual. Therefore, a glamor magic spell to do on the go and throughout the day can reinforce the good energy in our lives. Carrying rhodochrosite (for a cheerful outlook) and dabbing on a little bit of geranium oil (for self-love) on our skin while meditating on filling our aura with more uplifting vibes will give us a whole new optimistic outlook on life. 


You may have to break out the tax forms from last year or rework your own financial needs in order to create a more solid and comfortable situation for the weeks ahead. Family decisions and planning are a huge portion of this, so keep them in the loop at all times.


In order to live in the present, you will have to allow some of your past memories to fade.  Be open to new developments in your life that can lead to a huge win. Say “yes” to something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s a wonderful week to dream big.


There is a lot of luck involved and rewards brought to you through your own previous hard work and karma. As a result, your finances are growing steadily. This will give you a chance to right past wrongs as well by connecting with old friends and mending fences with them.


Your body is reacting to the cosmic energy, pushing your anxiety to high levels. As a result, you may experience obsessive thought patterns, which are creating more stress. Breathing techniques and decompressing in the fresh air can alleviate some tension, but a cord cutting from the negativity can help more.


This week you’ll have to take a backseat and let others find glory in their successes. Put your ego aside and be supportive of their accomplishments and achievements — reciprocate the TLC they always give to you. Activate the loyal and generous energy in that big fierce heart of yours. 


You will have to push forward through the changes that are occurring in your home life this week. Think of ways in which you can make the most out of your situation. This may require you to utilize the tools or resources that you have at your fingertips to succeed.


Acts of compassion and love may be your saving grace this week. Knowing that you can rely on others when the going gets tough will motivate you to appreciate others on a deeper level. Now you know that you can truly rely on people when you need a helping hand. 


It’s important for you to take a step back and look at the patterns in your life that seem to go on and on. The more awareness you have about the way you react and deal with situations, the easier it’ll be to work on problems in a real way.


Although you often move around with gusto and speed, the week ahead calls for you to slow down and relax. Burnout is real and you are on your way towards experiencing it if you don’t have a moment of chill to decompress. Rest your bones with some healing “you” time. 


It’ll be hard to let go of the thoughts that are running nonstop through your head. The only way out is through — which means that you have to release the energy. A good cry will be beneficial for your wellbeing, as it will serve as a huge emotional detox. 


You may be unsure and confused about what the future holds for you at the moment. Being indecisive doesn’t spell out doom or gloom. It just means that you should take extra time to reflect on who and what makes you happiest and nice towards that at your own pace. 


The world feels like a dream, which is why it’s important that you don’t get caught up in the sentiment. Doing so can create unrealistic expectations and scenarios in your personal life. Therefore, you should proceed with one foot on the ground — so you don’t make any major missteps. 

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