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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Won’t Commit To Love During Mercury In Aquarius On February 10, 2023

It’s easy enough to figure out why a person might want to avoid committing to a romantic relationship, but one thing we might not consider is that, on a day like today, during Mercury in Aquarius, we want to be single because we have ‘better things to do.’ That might sound cold at first, but let’s work this one out.

While it’s always assumed that we don’t, won’t or can’t commit our fidelity to another person because we are afraid of commitment, or simply because we’re shy or cold. Those are the easy reasons, and they read as negative.

The positive reasons are equally as easy, and that’s how Mercury in Aquarius shows up; this transit doesn’t keep us from committing…it shows us that we need to be somewhere else as a whole person free from restraint.

You see, this transit is very special; it revs up our engines to such a degree that during it, we may find our true purpose…and if all that rings true to us, we will want to go after it. That means there’s no time for commitment. There’s time to save the world, but no time for lovey-dovey.

Certain zodiac signs know exactly what I’m talking about here. Love is just as fine and dandy as it ever was, it’s just not the thing we can sign on for at this point in time, simply because we feel the call to be somewhere else.

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And so, on February 10, 2023, during the transit of Mercury in Aquarius, many of us will make the decision to pursue goals that are not related to loving one person. It’s OK, it’s a good thing, signs. When we hear that call, we have to run, so run wild and free — and make it worthwhile.

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