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The Astrology Chart of the First Appearance of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan – Aquarius Papers

by Robert Wilkinson

Due to requests, “What you want, baby I got it!” Here”s the chart for the beginning of the Ed Sullivan Show that attracted the attention of 73 million viewers 59 years ago on a Sunday night.

As it turns out, this was the only true live performance of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in NYC that first trip. The second show on Feb 16 was done in Florida, while the third show was apparently taped before the first live show on Feb 9 and saved for broadcast on Feb 23. So this is really the point in time when 73,000,000 Americans awakened to “the British Invasion!”

I also computed the end time of the show, so we can see the movement of the Ascendant. The show began with 23 Virgo on the Ascendant and 21 Gemini on the Midheaven, and ended with 4 Libra on the Ascendant and 5 Cancer on the Midheaven.

For the aspects, we find Mercury is exactly sextile Venus and Mars is conjunct Saturn with both septile Jupiter. The Ascendant is trine Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant and Midheaven. The Moon is exactly septile Neptune on the transfiguration point. And the Part of Fortune is exactly conjunct TransPluto.

And in an interesting note, the Moon Sabian Symbol stays at 10 Capricorn the entire show, but the Venus Sabian Symbol moves from 29 to 30 Pisces. That is the only planetary Sabian Symbol shift, and it’s extraordinarily significant, given the degrees involved!

It is also interesting to me that the Sun is on the Sabian Symbol of “the woman disappointed and disillusioned,” while the Mars is on the next degree, “a rug placed on a floor for children to play.” The first seems to describe the national mood, since it was only a few weeks earlier that JFK was assassinated, throwing the country into disappointment and disillusionment. And it’s forming a conjunction to Mars on a degree of learning appreciation and gratitude for small comforts.

Jones notes that the Mars symbol is about life serving our special needs for comfort so we can develop, and about discovering ourselves “in situations where (we) may concentrate (our) efforts to the best possible advantage on the perfection and employment of (our) personal skills.” That certainly sounds like exactly what the Beatles were doing that night! So the Sun was on the light of disappointment and disillusionment that led us to some “clearance,” while conjunct Mars on a degree of appreciation and gratitude.

On a final note, it’s also interesting that the Moon shows the emotional focus through a degree of “overcoming fear” and receiving rewards for radiating a form of “harmlessness.” Again, it sounds like exactly what the Beatles did that night for millions of people wondering what they and their “long hair” and their “yeah, yeah, yeah” was all about!

And now, Introducing the Beatles!! To make the map larger, put the cursor on the chart and click.

Here’s the birth info for each Beatle, in case you want to take a look at the individuals or the composite.

John Lennon: October 9, 1940, 6:30 PM, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Sun: 16°16′ Libra; Moon: 3°33′ Aquarius; ASC: 19°54′ Aries; MC: 7°08′ Capricorn

Paul McCartney: June 18, 1942, 2:00 AM, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Sun: 26°08′ Gemini; Moon: 11°22′ Leo; ASC: 11°12′ Pisces; MC: 23°17′ Sagittarius

George Harrison: February 24, 1943, 11:42 PM, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Sun: 5°27′ Pisces; Moon: 0°09′ Scorpio; ASC: 28°27′ Libra; MC: 9°05′ Leo

Ringo Starr: July 7, 1940, 12:05 AM, Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Sun: 14°41′ Cancer; Moon: 4°03′ Leo; ASC: 25°02′ Pisces; MC: 28°16′ Sagittarius

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