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Which Zodiac Sign Has The Strongest Personality?

It really comes as no shock that some of us are boisterous, loud and aggressive, while others are meek, quiet and passive. It takes all types to make a complete and balanced world.

Astrology bestows on us many varying traits and characteristics as individuals, and we usually know ourselves well enough to figure out if we are one of the zodiac signs with strong personalities or not.

Strong personalities are not limited to fire signs, as we all assume. The signs allow for variations on a theme. We may be strong in one department, while we know ourselves to be complete wimps in another.

We aren’t completely strong or completely weak; however, our zodiac signs definitely back up the level of just how strong our personalities may be.

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A strong personality can be charismatic, alluring, convincing. Strong personalities are needed in leaders, but strength of personality does not necessarily mean strength of character. One can be strong and imposing, intimidating — bullying, even. Having a strong personality is a double-edged sword, one that we all hopefully pray is used for purpose of good.

Find out what makes each of the zodiac signs with the strongest personalities so pronounced.

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