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4 Dark Empath Zodiac Signs

An empath is an individual who can feel another’s emotions, easily putting themselves in another’s situation and honestly feeling what that person is going through.

While it is not always easy being an empath, and learning boundaries is necessary, it is ultimately a gift because these qualities exist to help others.

But not all empaths are full of light and love.

Some approach the role of an empath in a more cognitive or logical way rather than emotional. These people are considered ‘dark empaths.’ 

Dark empaths can feel your emotions and might even know what you are thinking, but unlike empaths who react with compassion, dark empaths use what they feel to manipulate you.

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These individuals can understand the emotions of another on a logical level but cannot understand them on an emotional one, usually resulting from an emotional disconnect within themselves that makes them more avoidant of feelings. Instead, they act like they understand and they can use these feelings against you.

Dark empaths tend to work in transactional relationships rather than emotional or reciprocal ones.

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