You are currently viewing Aquarius to Pisces, Astrology for February 12th-18th, 2023

Aquarius to Pisces, Astrology for February 12th-18th, 2023

Collective animal message from LAMB this week as energy shifts toward Pisces and the New Moon is ahead on Sunday/Monday the 19th/20th depending on time zone.

 Lamb’s message is ‘leave me be so I can grow in peace’.

Considerations include creating more space and time for yourself, without people interupting and telling you what or how to do ~ letting children have some peace and quiet to create in ~quieting down in every way so you can hear your inner wisdom ~treating yourself as a new soul as if you’re just beginning, begin again and see and feel everything like it’s the first time

Lamb from the Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans

Sunday, February 12th ~ Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. Scorpio Moon puts emphasis on having personal time and priorities, either keeping to oneself or diving into soul work with others. Intimate and meaningful thoughts, words and actions may be challenged or disrupted or even strongly enhance by Uranus opposite the Moon. This adds more intensity and implies a significant emotional shift. Today’s color is Maroon.

Monday ~ Scorpio Moon until 8:31 pm ET, with two easygoing trines to Neptune and Venus in Pisces. This adds to feelings of love and passion, magnifies creativity and sense of beauty and harmony. Reorganize for a more inspired environment, create arts or music, and if you’re celebrating, prepare for Valentine’s Day gifts or dates. Forgiveness and emotional connection are favored. The Moon also has two squares which can be more of a challenge. The Sun and Saturn square the Moon from Aquarius. Both could add fixed qualities like stubbornness or standing your ground. Define what’s non negotiable and stick with your convictions. The Sun and Saturn will meet on Thursday which may be the resolution or announcement that follows this. What do you feel very strongly about, even if it’s unspoken as of now. Give that some attention. Pluto aligns with the Moon for reflection and meditation at 6:52 pm ET. The Moon enters a short void of course time and moves to Sagittarius at 8:31 pm ET for an outgoing night, for study groups, and for learning and exploring something inspiring including travel plans. Wear Purple.

Tuesday ~ Valentine’s Day features Sagittarius Moon, the element of fire, senses of newness and openness to experiences and adventures as well as an open mind. This day feels changeable and out of the ordinary or expected. Mercury aligns with the Moon to help us work together and experiment. Jupiter in Aries encourages open mind and doing things differently. This also makes today good for learning and being in new situations. Mars in Gemini opposes the Moon today for sharing of perspective, ideas and stories. One caveat is to not let discussions eveolve into arguments. Today’s color is Orange.

Wednesday ~ Venus meets Neptune in Pisces. This is all about romance, love, forgiveness, and creativity. We give ourselves to these processes with the support of these two planets in water element. Meanwhile, the fire of Sagittarius Moon still burns and we have the reverse of Monday’s aspects. The Sun and Saturn align with the Moon while Neptune and Venus are square to the Moon. New information and shifts of this week contribute to a changing atmosphere and changes of heart and mind. Sagittarius Moon is more open and adventurous or experimental and in the moment potentially (than Scorpio Moon was on Monday). It would seem that things are opening up and that could include feelings we thought were fixed and unchanging. Take a broad look at all options. Remain open to possibilities. New Moon is on Monday in the wee hours, if you’re seeking ultimate timing and want to wait for Pisces New Moon. Void Moon 8:06 pm ET until 12:00 am. Wear  Light Blue today.

Thursday ~ The Moon shifts to Capricorn at midnight. The Sun meets Saturn and this feels like a pivotal time. The Sun and Saturn urge commitment when in Aquarius. We  may hear of commitments and decisions or announce our own. These will not be spontaneous decisions, but instead are things that were in the works and not yet ready for the world to know. Intentions will be made and make known, too. Capricorn Moon and Jupiter in Aries square each month, and this square feels like traditional and wise versus fresh and open minded. The two may come into conflict or crossroads now. Ideally we find ways to incorporate well earned wisdom without shutting out alternative and new ideas and information. Mix the old and new and embrace the best qualities of both. Wear Green.

Friday ~ Capricorn Moon ‘makes the rounds’ with energy from Uranus, Neptune, Venus, and Pluto all weighing in. Imagine going to a gathering with 4 friends who have very different personalities and all are having some sort of effect on you. Today might feel like that. There are both introverted and extroverted energies playing out. There’s quite a bit of harmony so things may happen spontaneously or fast. Mercury and Jupiter synchronize in Aquarius and Aries for sense of exploring the future, the new, your vision, and the learning that needs to happen before the final outcome. It’s a good day to share ideas about changes and what’s possible. Void Moon 11:18 pm ET to 12:35 am Saturday. During this short void Moon, be careful with directions and belongings if you’re out on the town or coming home from work. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Saturday ~ Aquarius Moon time this weekend, beginning at 12:35 am ET. The Moon aligns with Jupiter at 3:51 pm ET, giving a nod to all the new possibilities, ideas and paths opened this week. The Sun’s shift to Pisces is at 5:34 pm ET, the same time Mercury and the Moon are in conjunction in Aquarius. With Aquarius and Pisces so influential and dominant today, both the scientific and imaginative parts of us need a voice and some expression. Be realistic without losing sight of dreams. Use  your mind and honor your emotions within that. Take care of your (and others’) mental and emotional well being and respect others’ minds and emotions. Feel your thoughts instead of just analyzing them. Consider your feelings and emotions rather than only feeling them raw. Use insight and inner vision as one of your guides. Today’s color is Blue.

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