You are currently viewing Deep Dive Experiential Invocation Presentation: “Awaken, Heal and Thrive!” Podcast #20

Deep Dive Experiential Invocation Presentation: “Awaken, Heal and Thrive!” Podcast #20

This episode is special! It’s the audio recording of an in-person experiential presentation I did on February 4, 2023 for the Connecting Consciousness chapter in Asheville, NC. It covers the most important information from my Instant Divine Assistance invocation book, plus lots of other juicy spiritual topics.

It also includes me guiding you through the most important invocations from my book. These include invocations for embodied awakening, healing, calling in whatever energy you want, and flowing highest good energy to others.

I edited that two-hour presentation down to 93 minutes for this podcast. The audio quality isn’t as good as usual, since I recorded the presentation on a tiny digital recorder using its built-in mic, and the lecture room was a concrete block basement. But you can understand me clearly, and I’ve made it sound as good as I can. Enjoy!


Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton

Law of One channeled material

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