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When Chiron is Strong in Love


​Relationship astrology focuses on the astrology of love and relationships, and we can determine a lot about what you want and need from relationships, the current conditions impacting your relationships, and how you are with someone using astrology.

Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology, so when Chiron is in play, this can bring up old wounds as well as healing energy, depending on what it’s doing. Let’s dive more into Chiron’s impact on love when it’s strong.

Strong Chiron in the Natal Chart & Love Astrology

If Chiron is strong with the love areas of your natal chart, Chiron can have a strong impact on love and relationships for you overall. This can mean that you likely have a major love trauma, major love wound, suffered when young that impacts you for a long time afterward.

It’s important for you to work on healing this wound, otherwise it can open more and worsen, and become the dominating part of your relationships. You can then be very understanding and supportive of the people in your life once you do heal.

This can also show you attracting wounded birds to you pretty often. Sometimes, this plays out professionally, and you’ll become a therapist, social worker, work in the medical field, or help people spiritually. 

In relationships, this may play out as you attracting people who you want to heal, and it becomes important for you to learn that you can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed.

Chiron can be strong in love if your natal Chiron is:
– conjunct (aligned with) your natal Sun, Moon, Venus, Descendant, or 7th house ruler (strongest)
– located in your 5th or 7th houses
– is in Libra
– conjunct natal Juno (asteroid of commitment), natal Amor (asteroid of romance), natal Cupido (asteroid of crushes), or natal Eros (asteroid of sex)

Strong Chiron in Love & Astrology Transits

Chiron can become dominating energy for you in transits as well. When transit (moving) Chiron is touring your 5th house (of love) or 7th house (of relationships), this can dig up any love and relationship wounds that need to be addressed. It can be a sensitive time for you in your relationships, but ultimately helps you to heal and grow.

Transit Chiron can also aspect your natal Venus, Descendant, or 5th or 7th house rulers, and this can also impact love and relationships for you. Under sextiles and trines, these are the beneficial aspects, and you can have an easier time healing and growing in relationships.

It’s stronger when transit Chiron is conjunct, square, or opposite, the challenging aspects, and this can bring out the wounds and old love traumas. You can be extra sensitive and deeply emotional, and vulnerability can leave you open to further hurts, so it’s important to protect yourself and work on boundaries.

Strong Chiron and the Progressed Chart

The progressed chart adds one day to your date of birth for every year you’ve been alive to create a new chart reflective of your maturation and growth, and can be used in predictive analysis. Chiron isn’t a fast-moving body, so it generally doesn’t move very far from where it is in the natal chart, however it can become strong thanks to the other progressed planets and houses.

When the progressed planets and house cusps conjunct your natal or progressed Chiron, this can bring out strong Chiron energy for you. When it’s progressed Venus, this can have a direct impact on love and relationships for you, and you can be challenged to grow in new ways in your connections.

When your progressed 5th house cusp or Descendant conjuncts your natal or progressed Chiron, this can bring extra focus on healing and growth in your relationships as well. With the Descendant, you may also attract people to you who you help with healing, but again, you need to maintain healthy boundaries.

Strong Chiron and the Composite Chart

The composite chart merges the natal charts of two people to create a new chart for the relationship itself. When Chiron is strong in the composite chart, this can show that the relationship has the potential to wound or to heal.

Chiron in the composite 1st house or making a lot of hard aspects in the composite chart can be on the concerning side, and has more capacity for wounding. But, if it’s conjuncting other composite planets or the Descendant, this can also bring potential for wounding, however it also has strong potential for healing. 

It often depends on the transits involved for each person and to the composite chart, as well as where each of you is in your life at the time you come together. It tends to be more of an issue when you’re both young and haven’t worked through the old love wounds yet. If you already have done that work, then the relationship can help you grow a great deal.

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