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your forecast feb. 10th…

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There are 3 major conjunctions (alignments) in the next 7 days –

Mercury is in conjunction/alignment with Pluto in Capricorn, the Sun is in conjunction/alignment with Saturn in Aquarius, and Venus is in conjunction/alignment with Neptune in Pisces.

The Mercury/ Pluto conjunction will bring one more chance for a conversation it’s important to have.

The Sun/Saturn conjunction will bring a push, to step up for a task or problem it’s time to tackle.

The Venus/Neptune conjunction will spark special hopes for a relationship.

   A follow up conversation with a colleague will enable you to expand an earlier discussion; it will let you know where you stand with a complex undertaking or situation on the job.   Fun plans may turn into quite a big commitment; pleasing all the people, all the time could be a lot of work.   With the planet Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces here in your 12th house, you could rekindle your relationship with someone who was an important part of your past and it will give fresh possibilities for the future.
TAURUS.   The opportunity for a conversation that adds to your knowledge of someone or something in a very practical way will be too good to miss; it will fill in missing pieces of a puzzle!   A big task will require organised follow through; it will be up to you, to take charge and lead the way.   With Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces here, promising developments will fan your already high hopes for a romance, friendship or a special connection you value.
GEMINI.   A financial discussion will be a chance to tie off some important loose ends.   Travel plans or plans with a distant friend or relative will need detailed follow through to bring them to fruition; you could pour energy into supporting a distant friend or relative as well.   Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces here for you: a special professional or business association will grow, there may also be an exciting PR opportunity.
CANCER.    A ‘deep and meaningful’ exchange with someone close will help you finetune the details of a project or situation you share, it may also raise an issue you’re overdue to address.   You’ll need a clear practical overview with a financial commitment or undertaking to make good decisions, also, the paperwork could be extensive!   Venus is conjunct Neptune here for you: exciting plans with a distant relative or friend will fire your imagination or a long-distance connection will blossom.
LEO.   Make the most of a health or work discussion; it will help you clarify issues that have been on your mind and plan for the future.   Keeping a promise or fulfilling a duty to someone close may ask a lot of you but it will show how much you care.   With Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces here, you may splurge on a special occasion with someone dear or make a generous gesture; alternatively, or as well as, someone may do this for you!
VIRGO.   Listening patiently to a younger relative’s points of view will bring flashes of understanding and some valuable insights.   A slow-moving work undertaking or health pursuit will need staying power but the results will be well worth the effort!   Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces here in your relationship zone: you’ll put a lot of love into your relationships, nurturing and caring for those nearest and dearest, but there may also be issues that need gentle handling; Singles, a new romance could blossom.
LIBRA.   A family discussion or planning a domestic project will be a chance to raise an issue you’ve been sidestepping.   A personal project that’s close to your heart will require a bigger commitment, a loved one may need greater support too.   With Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces here – you may be emotionally invested in a special work or creative endeavour but you’ll need to set boundaries, to keep it manageable; there’ll also be a PR opportunity, to cultivate an influential contact.
SCORPIO.   A helpful conversation will clarify something you’ve been trying to learn and understand.   A family or domestic undertaking will twist and turn; there’ll be more to this than meets the eye.   Venus is conjunct Neptune here in your 5th house – fun plans with loved ones will give special happy times, a delightful invitation could come your way and Singles, this Valentine week could hold tempting romantic promise!
SAGITTARIUS.   It will be time to ask unspoken questions with a financial arrangement or issue, to clear up matters that have been on your mind.   There’ll be some touch groundwork to put in with a growing personal or financial project, to set it up for success.   Here is the Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces – a family occasion or welcoming a favourite visitor will be an opportunity to nurture relations with a relative, in-law or friend and show how much you care.
CAPRICORN.   It will be time to tackle a conversation you know will be hard work but important questions will be answered.   Dotting every ‘I’ with a major financial commitment or plan will take diligent follow through, but thoroughness and careful organisation will serve you!   The planets Venus and Neptune are conjunct here in Pisces: a loving message will be music to your ears, there may also be an insightful exchange with someone dear or someone you’d like to know better, that guides you with the relationship.
AQUARIUS.   A niggling family or personal issue may weigh on your mind; it will be time to discuss it and clarify where you stand.   To move forward towards a long-term goal, you’ll need to step up your efforts and tackle tasks you’ve been postponing.   Venus conjuncts Neptune here in Pisces: whether you’re buying a special gift for another and/or receiving one, the thought and sentiment will speak loudly.
PISCES.   You’ll have to take the initiative, to bring special plans with a friend or associate to fruition – it will build the relationship too.   A family commitment will ask more of you or a domestic task may be much bigger or take much longer than expected.   With both Venus and Neptune in your Zodiac Sign, a connection that you would love to see grow, will blossom; Singles, a new romance could take off! 

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