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Rising Sign Appearance: Your Most Striking Physical Traits

Not only does your Rising sign play a part in dictating how you motivate yourself to achieve success, but it will also show your physical traits.

While the Sun sign shows your most deeply ingrained traits that influence all parts of you, the Rising, or Ascendant, the energy of your Rising sign is how you show up in the world.

This includes not only the outward personality traits you display but also your physical appearance.

Rising sign appearance and traits

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Aries Rising sign appearance

Aries are known for their bravery and unstoppable nature. Having Capricorn at the summit of the chart will make them big dreamers that can create practical plans to make it to the top.

Those born with this Mars-ruled Ascendant will show the fierceness of the warrior. They will have striking features, might be lean and tall, and will enjoy wearing the color red and black.

It is easy for those with this Mars-ruled sign to appear intimidating or hard to approach before getting to know them.

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