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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 11, 2023

Today is about inner conflict, and for those of us who are prone towards anxiety or panic, this may be a good day to chant a peaceful mantra, or find a coping mechanism that will do the trick.

We are looking at the effect of Moon square Mercury, a transit that almost always confuses people and creates situations of tension. How we get through those situations is what today is all about. It’s February 11, 2023, and for some zodiac signs, this might not be the best day of the week.

Our search today will be for comfort. We may not be able to get out of our minds today; we have repetitive thoughts and we may even have had a sleepless night prior to ‘waking’ up. We are on edge, and for some the reasons why will be clear, while for others, no such luck.

Moon square Mercury will have us thinking that an issue is much bigger than it actually is. How we react to all of this is what will make or break our day, today.

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There is also the idea that today may put us in the position of having to make an important decision, and that is something we want nothing to do with.

Today comes with feeling put upon, as well as burdened with thought. It’s not about overthinking, it’s about reckless overthinking, the kind we can only call ‘anxiety.’ Wish it were different, but Moon square Mercury has its agenda and today’s list calls for stress. Sorry, signs.

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