You are currently viewing Saturn conjunct U.S. Aquarius Moon February 12-18

Saturn conjunct U.S. Aquarius Moon February 12-18

February 12 America is going through a Saturn 🪐 return to its’ Natal Moon at 27° 10′ Aquarius. This is a big deal.

This transit occurs every 28/29 years.

The moon in a county’s chart symbolizes the people and their moods and emotional needs, the moon is what makes them feel secure, what nurtures them and makes them safe. The moon ruled the sign of Cancer and food, home, ancestors, roots and foundation.

Saturn is a powerful tester of hard historical karmic reality. Saturn is sobering, heavy, obstacles and depression.

Saturn rules Aquarius and as it hits the Moon the people will want have a sobering awakening to freedom, rebellion, revolutionary change.

Aquarius is the digital age, some may rebel against the hi-tech surveillance world while others embrace the myth of “progress.”

Saturn is healthy boundaries, many people will want to feel safe from intrusive technologies. Im mentioning Canadians here because the countries traitor leader Falsedeau wants to initiate digital medical ID abs is attempting to blackmail provinces who don’t want the Chinese social credit system by saying they will get no federal healthcare monies. This is ridiculous, Canadians who thought their health care system was a right could now be faced with no public healthcare. Just like in the US.

Hacking, limits on crypto, crispr technologies, robotics and digital ID’s describes all of this.

Aquarius, at its highest expression is a shared equality for all, no one’s worth is higher than another. It’s a vision of a of a humane vision. America doesn’t even have social medicine. It has a long way to go to treat its population with basic human needs.

Aquarius is non- hierarchical societies. Not communist but socialist and a new vision of what is possible.

The revolutions are revving up before Pluto even enters Aquarius March 23,2023 and starting in 2024-2044.

If you have planets at 27+ Aquarius you are going through a Saturn test too.

Any planets at 25-27° fixed signs, Taurus,Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are feeling Saturns heavy serious maturing, leaden weight of responsibility.

Saturn has been opposing Britain’s Natal Saturn at 23° Leo from the 1801 chart. With Prince Harry’s bombshell book destroying its history and regal reputation.

Mercury entered Aquarius Feb. 11 too and while the Sun Mercury and Saturn are still in the 11th sign until February 18, focus on what needs to be radically changed in your life, career and long term plans.

Aquarius is the Star #17 in the tarot. The 11th sign is relayed to the house of wishes, hopes and dreams. What are your hugest wishes hopes and dreams? For yourself and humanity.

Let me know. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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