Sat Sangat Astrology: The Cycle of Pisces


Pisces, or when the sky is the limit

    Pisces, or the last zodiac Sign, represents the end of the cycle. The presence of Neptune, its ruler, since April 4, 2011, reinforces the sense of endings, dissolution of the material reality, and losses. Hence, its perception as being chaotic and irrational, a place where everything mixes with everything. This favors dilution, confusion, and disorientation. It’s also the place of the unconscious, imagination, intuition. This kind of energy can increase fantasies and outworldly levels of creativity. Because at face value, Pisces may offer so much love, compassion and benevolence, more often than not, the more undesirable aspects, like misery, victimization, and death are overlooked. But these are just the end result of the previous disorganization and murkiness. Misery and death are stronger now since Neptune transits the last segment of ten degrees, the Scorpio decan, or Reign of Pluto (and traditionally, Mars). Since April 2020, the Grim Reaper has been present every day, with a face of illness, extreme addictions, conspiracy theories related to deadly threats, natural catastrophes caused by raging (Pluto) waters (Pisces). 

    On February 19 or 20 (depending on the time zone) a new Lunar Cycle starts at 1º♓︎22′. This is the fourth and final NEW MOON at 1º of the signs, and the third Crisis New Moon of the year. One more is coming in March at the Equinox point, 0º♈︎. The February New Moon is not OOB like the previous ones, however she still super close to the Earth, which magnifies its gravitational pull over the waters. That explains why, one feels so bloated and the storms are so potent. 

    Lynn Koiner explains that Crisis Moons, be it New or Full, cause havoc, especially if aspecting a natal planet, and, I add, if the life circumstances are unstable. This New Moon, in particular, due to the presence of its ruler (Neptune) in the Sign joined by Venus exalted, increases the Pisces energy fourfold. With this Pisces stellium one may feel dreamy, spacey, elated and inspired. Whatever happens feels so good! One word of caution though is that just 5 hours before, the dark Moon meets Saturn in Aquarius, a block on the road that turns her into a circumspect mother, vigilant and guarded, somewhat depressed. Because, they are in different signs, I, personally do not consider a conjunction, however, I recognize that the previous meeting of the Moon with the old Wise Man, imbues her with his traits, responsibility, hard work, long patience, and strict discipline. Therefore, whatever this new beginning is for you, it will make you work for it in an organized and serious manner in order to obtain it. Moreover obviously, because the completion of the cycle (full moon) happens in Virgo! This Moon cycle may drag its feet. (Pisces rules feet)

    The Moon and Sun themselves make two aspects. A quintile to Uranus and a biseptile to Mars. Uranus, the bringer of sudden and totally unforeseen change invites you, not without a good shake, to start something new. The flow of this Venusian angle (72º, in this case with a 2ºorb) is innovative creativity, manifesting something beautiful, delightful, which is supported by Venus Neptune conjunction also in Pisces. 

     The waning biseptile represents a subtle energy coming from the hidden and secluded areas of the unknown. The circle divided by 7 gives an infinite irrational number that colors this peculiar angular energy. R. Wilkinson calls it “a fork in the road of destiny” and describes it as an “irrational, obsessive compulsive behavior” in making a decision or taking an action that “changes your life forever.” More precisely, a waning biseptile is a turning point in the road that shows a truth of something, and precedes the crisis of consciousness of the subsequent waning square. Given that Mars in Gemini is involved, and that Mars was at the 15º♊︎ 50′ on September 20, 2022 (direct), and December 8, 2022 (Rx), the action to be taken relates to developments of the past, and is now ‘resolving’ the issue. This solution will not be logical. “Reason may not serve your ability to choose”, as R. Wilkinson writes. 

    The biseptile to Mars then will probably present an absurd challenge, one of those situations that don’t make sense, but has to be confronted anyway and worked out. Some people may attribute this weirdness to Uranus, but in this chart, the actual mischief is the biseptile to Mars!

    The chart has all planets piled on one hemisphere. Depending on your natal chart, they may fall in different hemispheres or areas of experience. However, from the mundane point of view, it’s all about endings and beginnings because the planets occupy the 3 final zodiac signs (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) and the 3 first ones (Aries, Taurus, Gemini). 

    Another way to see the endings and beginnings is to look at the two rulers of Pisces, the modern Neptune in Pisces indicates endings, the traditional Jupiter in Aries indicates beginnings. Plus the Moon just ended her Aquarius/Leo cycle and starts the Pisces/Virgo cycle. Venus, Saturn and Pluto at the final anaretic degree (29º) also indicate an urgency to wrap up business,  and close the door behind us. You are, for sure, closing an era in your life and beginning something totally new. 

    This last trio present an interesting configuration. Venus and Pluto sextile marks the opportunity for regeneration, transmutation, or rekindling of a relationship, of a feeling, or of sexual desires for someone. It can give an insight into financial resetting or prosperity. Saturn at their (Venus/Pluto=Saturn) midpoint acts as the party pooper, putting breaks to that opportunity. Saturn also separates and delays the actions that could lead to a successful connection or relationship. Delays and frustrations apply to financial matters. Earnings and investments face obstacles, restrictions, or red tape. Saturn adds to this Moon cycle’s feet dragging!

    Mercury (ruler of the upcoming Virgo Full Moon) at 13º♒︎ is applying to trine Mars, now direct. With Chiron in Aries at their midpoint between them, a certain communication could take place through the ‘waves’ that has the potential for healing. Again, consider the delay. 

    Finally, pay close attention to what is brewing at this Pisces New Moon, plant a seed, set an intention, dream big, because Saturn arrives soon at 1º Pisces. Saturn will draw and build the structures to make reality your dreams, Saturn style, of course!  Expect delays, hard work and some level of frustration! In fact, Saturn enters Pisces exactly the day of the Virgo Full Moon. Just keep in mind that Saturn blessings and end results usually come by the end of his transit through the Sign. Look forward to manifesting the sweetest hopes of your life! 

“Never let your beliefs get in the way of truth!” Ajahn Brahm

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