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The 3 Zodiac Signs Love Being Single During The Moon Trine Venus On February 13, 2023

There’s a good reason as to why so many people love being single rather than in a committed relationship, and that is because experience has taught them to follow their heart. If our hearts tell us to steer clear of certain people, we listen, because we can’t help but think that those inner feelings are actually warning signs.

When we listen to our own intuition, we feel we can stand a chance because on some level, we know we’re right. 

And knowing one is right is the heart and soul of the transit called Moon trine Venus. This is all about intuition and listening to it. This transit brings out keen insight; we can’t deny what’s going on inside our hearts, and we won’t, which is why, on Monday, February 13, we will stand up for ourselves when we say that we really do feel a lot better being single.

For those of us who relish the idea of being unattached, then this is the day to stick to those convictions.

During Moon trine Venus, certain zodiac signs get ‘hits’ of intuitive cognition; it might feel like a psychic flash, or even a ‘gut’ reaction. On this day, we will absolutely come to terms with who we are and what we want out of this life.

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This laser sharp intuition tells us exactly what we need to know, and we will act on it. At present, there is no need to bring in another person; we can do this alone and we can love doing it alone. Let the world fall in love and get married; it’s all good. But for certain folks, the single life is the tried and true life to be lived.

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