You are currently viewing The Annual Sun – Saturn, Valentine’s Venus & New Moon in Pisces (Summer School Updates – Your choice of courses/places still available)

The Annual Sun – Saturn, Valentine’s Venus & New Moon in Pisces (Summer School Updates – Your choice of courses/places still available)

The Astrology Blog 13 February 2023

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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.”

Elizabeth Barrett-Browning (1806-1861)

Sonnet 43 – Sonnets from the Portuguese


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SUMMER SCHOOL 2023 – 21st Season

DATES FOR EACH COURSE – every date given is a Wednesday, the day you fly in, and return flights are the following Wednesday. Course days are Thurs/Fri and Sun/Mon, the rest of the time is your own to enjoy the whole Greek island experience.

Ideal for singles, group meals organised for the evenings, you never have to be alone unless you wish to be.


This year I’m using a lovely block of studios, set in their own gardens and leading directly onto the beach. For the first two weeks of our season – so Chris Mitchell’s week and then Elisabeth Brooke’s – this block is exclusively for Summer School students at excellent rates. I’m doing room allocations as of now, first come first served, please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.





Here are the six courses planned for the 21st season of The Greek Island Summer School along with the number of places still available on each.

The best way to check current flight prices and choices is to go to Skyscanner. The destination airport is Preveza Aktio (PVK), 45 minutes transfer to Nidri –

17 MAY 2023

  • Unlock the Secrets of Medieval Astrology

With Dr Chris Mitchell

24 MAY 2023

  • The Astrology of Families

With Elisabeth Brooke

31 MAY – no course planned for this week as this is UK schools half term week, but available for a private booking of 1 to 4 people, on requested subjects.

7 JUNE 2023

With Joanna

30 AUGUST 2023

  • The Astrology of Relationships

With Joanna


With Sally Kirkman


(May include some astrology – to be decided with those taking part)  
With Joanna

All enquiries – you can reply to this newsletter or Whatsapp me 00306976296085 – for questions or to arrange a phone call



Here’s your “at a glance” picture for this week, starting with two major conjunctions and travelling towards the New Moon that falls just as we tip into next week, less than an hour before Venus changes sign –

Wednesday 15 February

  • Venus conjunct Neptune 24 Pisces 12.27

Thursday 16 February 

  • Sun conjunct Saturn 27 Aquarius 16.50

Saturday 18 February 

  • Mercury 9 Aquarius sextile Jupiter 9 Aries 02.15
  • Sun ingress Pisces 22.35

Sunday 19 February

  • Venus 29 Pisces sextile Pluto 29 Capricorn 17.03

Monday 20 February

  • New Moon 1 Pisces 07.07
  • Venus ingress Aries 07.57



As the Sun is never retrograde (neither is the Moon, both of The Lights hold steady and unchangeable courses) then it follows that each meets up with all the other planets on their journey through the 12 signs. The Moon does this every month, the Sun does it once a year, so the Sun’s conjunctions are annual events and thus carry a lot of weight.

So are these conjunctions good or bad? The Sun’s job is to illuminate, so it depends on which other planet is involved, and also which of the two are stronger. This week we’re reminded of the point of craft that tells us that Saturn is the enemy of The Lights, being strong where they are weak and vice versa –

  Dignity Detriment
Sun Leo Aquarius
Saturn Aquarius Leo
Moon Cancer Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn Cancer


So it’s clear that in this Sun – Saturn it’s Saturn who’s stronger. This planet brings us up against endings and limitations. There’s an obvious and tragic showing out in the world as one of the things that the Sun rules is life itself, and Saturn at the other end of the spectrum rules the end of life and can therefore figure largely at times of illness and, ultimately, dying. Before the discovery of the modern planets Saturn was the end of the known universe, we could go no further. Aquarius rules the collective and this week will see the end of any more rescue work after the horrific earthquake that has claimed over 30,000 lives.

The focus is going to switch to recovery work – and accountability. Saturn rules the rules, he stands for those in authority, the system, the hierarchy of governments and the responsibility of those in office. In the physical world Saturn rules architecture and structures. Thousands of buildings collapsed, not unheard of in major quakes, but 113 arrest warrants have so far been issued to contractors.

It’s unbearable to think that this disaster has been made worse by human corruption. What happened to the earthquake taxes levied on the people of Turkey in the aftermath of their last deadly earthquake in 1999? Supposedly earthquake proof buildings are now in rubble. Turkey’s President Erdogan is in trouble. During a visit to one of the disaster zones this was the best he could come up with – “Such things have always happened,” he said. “It’s part of destiny’s plan.”

Obviously the fate and destiny debate is a massive subject on its own. But I’d go as far as saying that certainly his own fate is caught up in this tragedy.

Erdogan has a Capricorn Ascendant and is therefore ruled by Saturn, at 9 Scorpio which in turn is conjunct his Midheaven at 13 Scorpio. Echoes of the Queen’s chart, who was also Capricorn rising with Saturn in Scorpio on the Midheaven. No doubt that Erdogan was born for rulership, and he was sworn in as Turkey’s 12th president in 2014, but will he survive this crisis? Unlikely. His Sun is at 7 Pisces, Saturn will leave Aquarius (not to return for another 29.5 years, Saturn’s cycle through the 12 signs) and enter the next sign of Pisces 7 March, and will turn retrograde at 7 Pisces on 17 June.

I think his days are numbered, he’ll either be pushed out or he’ll resign. Ironically he has Uranus (the earthquake planet/the collective) exactly conjunct his Descendant, so there’s the “natal promise” for being ousted by the people. Anger is already rising up, as it is in Syria too, where they’ve been waiting for international aid that simply hasn’t arrived. It’s not just the UK then that’s got a crap government.

At a more individual level the Sun – Saturn can signify personal challenges, responsibilities, efforts, getting organized, career moves and generally getting our act together. So look at where you can get the best out of Saturn – what, for example, in your working life could come good with some sustained effort? What could come good in your personal life if you set your boundaries, if you’re clear about what is acceptable or unacceptable in a relationship or in family life? What ultimatums are you now ready to give, or ready to decide on if you’re on the receiving end?

Health wise Saturn rules the teeth and bones. Make your dental appointments, find a chiropractor and so on. I’ve now found a lovely physiotherapist to do appointments at home and she’s sorting out my back!


The Sun – Saturn sits in the middle of the week but wrapped around it is a lot of Venus activity, timely for Valentine’s Day.

VENUS – Everything lovable! Love, money, women, pleasures, comfort, enjoyment, beauty, blessings, the sweet things of life. Venus rules flowers, especially anything perfumed like roses – and chocolate!

The first big conjunction of the week is the Venus – Neptune in the water (emotions) sign of Pisces. They pretty much have equal strength as this is Venus’ sign of “exaltation” and Neptune’s sign of “dignity”. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic combination and my colleague Ingrid Hoffman explores this in her post on Facebook, well worth a read –

This conjunction is “applying” (in the process of becoming exact) throughout 14 February. If you’re in a healthy relationship then this is definitely the time for pulling out all the romantic stops, and if you’re in a new romance then this also bodes well for a very special Valentine’s Day. I chose Elizabeth Barrett’s iconic sonnet at the top of the page as in her horoscope we find Venus in Pisces exactly conjunct her Descendant – the Angle that marks the beginning of the 7th House of marriage and partnership of all kinds. Her collection of love sonnets were written for her then future husband Robert Browning, who rescued her from ill health and a tyrannical father. The biggest goal of Pisces/Neptune is redemption.

What if you’re in an unhealthy relationship? Nothing like Valentine’s Day to make us reevaluate. For some this week will be about a journey from “the other” to self, Venus’ final aspect on her journey through Pisces being to Pluto (endings) before entering Aries (the individual, self love, finding the healthy ego state). Interestingly Venus’s change of sign coincides exactly with the New Moon at the very beginning of Pisces –

Sunday 19 February

  • Venus 29 Pisces sextile Pluto 29 Capricorn 17.03

Monday 20 February

  • New Moon 1 Pisces 07.07
  • Venus ingress Aries 07.57

I’ve got several examples going on around me right now of people disentangling themselves from dysfunctional relationships, several of many years standing, some controlling and some downright abusive, and starting the voyage of self discovery. The fear of being alone finally regains perspective when weighed up against the fear of never being one’s true self, of watching the sands of time run out, staring down the barrel of being unhappy and unfulfilled for the time that’s left. Personally and professionally, in all my years of being a consulting astrologer and therapist, everyone I know, without exception, who’s made the break has never regretted it. Quite the opposite.

Single and searching? The astrology suggests starting with self love, looking deeply at your true needs and not trying to be something that you’re not. The flipside of Pisces, sign of Mutable Water, is to pour ourselves into someone else’s vessel. The Piscean and Neptunian themes of sacrifice and suffering are strongly linked to this tendency that we all, to one extent or another, do or have done in the past. But pay close attention to anyone new coming into your life this week or anyone you’re already getting to know, but no rescuing! Make your criteria more about yourself, and note to what extent you can or can’t be your true self.


One other aspect is forming throughout the week, and will be at its most powerful throughout Friday as well as the early hours of Saturday –

Saturday 18 February 

  • Mercury 9 Aquarius sextile Jupiter 9 Aries 02.15

Mercury came “out of shadow” last Tuesday which means that he’s back up to full speed, and entered Aquarius on Saturday. So this is Mercury’s first aspect on this new journey and it’s a positive one to benefic Jupiter. This combination spells good news, especially if you have planets or Angles at or very close to these positions, or their opposite signs of Leo or Libra. 9 degrees of any of the other masculine signs (fire and air signs) also count.

I have my Sun at 9 Sagittarius, Aquarius rules groups and amongst Jupiter’s concerns are higher mind learning and foreign travel. I’m already dealing with a lot of bookings for summer school, much earlier in the year than usual, so I expect this trend to continue this week. Aspects that align exactly with your natal planets also nearly always show in more ways than one, so I’ll let you know!

As well as news this is a lovely aspect for your social life, taking or planning holidays, anything that comes under the banner of opportunity or liberation, and anything that takes the shape of a lucky break, especially luck of the 11th hour variety. Jupiter has a way of delivering at the last minute. Also look out for the Jupiter hallmarks of abundance or generosity, giving or receiving. This is such a mixed week, for many it will be one of extremes, but so often it’s Jupiter blessings that keep us on track,

Until next week, with love from Greece








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