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LOVE ASTEROIDS — The Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

Asteroids are smaller planets that depict different energy. These are some of the asteroids that indicate love and romance on a deep level. Looking at these asteroids in our birth chart and in connection to another can show us the extra oomph and energy that unifies us. It is the spice that adds flavor to our birth charts and the way we partner. 

1 Ceres 

Ceres is the mother of Persephone, who was kidnapped by Pluto (lord of the underworld). When her daughter went missing, Ceres refused to help facilitate the harvest until Zeus aided in finding her daughter. Ceres represents unconditional love and the depths we will go to for those we care about.  

2 Juno

As the faithful wife of Jupiter who put up with his many affairs and clandestine relationships (until the day she didn’t), Juno represents what we can and will put up with when it comes to relationships. One might even say that Juno shows us our romantic boundaries and personal limits. 

390 Alma

Alma represents an upbeat outlook on love and romance as well as the desire to expand your heart with time. If the asteroid touches a planet in your partner’s chart, it indicates a cosmic connection that’s out of this world. You see yourself in the other and offer TLC as a result. 

447 Valentine

The asteroid Valentine denotes a sacrificial type of love in which the bonds between two people can get deep. Compassion is a key element as the asteroid discourages arguments. Overall, Valentine is a good-hearted, tender, sympathetic asteroid that urges us to give our all without asking for anything in return.

763 Cupido 

This asteroid represents a playful and innocent type of love. The Cupido asteroid represents in your birth chart how you fall in love — mostly the speed at which your heart flutters for another. Also, it shows us how, why, when, and who we crush on and want to flirt with.

1221 Amor

Amor represents so much more than its namesake. Not only does it show us the type of person we want to love, also the roadblocks that we need to break down in order to fully commit. FYI: If the asteroids Amor and Cupido connect in synastry, then you are soulmates.

3561 Devine

A unique and magical vibe that feels serendipitous. The connection between this asteroid and someone else’s planets or asteroids can denote an inspirational bond that transcends time. The union can change each person’s life for the better as long as they are willing to evolve and grow together. Patience is key.

  1. Go to

  2.  Find the left navigation button and click on “Free Horoscopes”

  3. Now, go to the drop-down menu and click on “Horoscope Drawings and Calculations”

  4. Head to the following drop-down menu and click on “Extended Chart Selection”

  5.  Enter your birth information/data 

  6. Under the section titled “Methods,” click on the pull-down menu next to “Chart Drawing Style”

  7. Choose the title “Additional Objects.” You can enter the asteroid number(s) at the button on the page where it says “Manual Entry” or you can sort by name alphabetically on the right-hand side. 

  8. Click on “Click here to show chart” 

  9. The information below the chart will show what each asteroid number and glyph represents and where it was located in the zodiac when you were born.

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